Heavy bullocks hit 340.2c at Charters Towers

Heavy bullocks hit 340.2c at Charters Towers


There were 1339 cattle offered at Charters Towers last week.


Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 1339 head last week. Cattle consisted of 696 prime cattle and 643 store cattle. The prime cattle consisted of 111 bullocks, 61 heifers, 386 cows and 138 bulls. Store cattle consisted of 376 steers, 243 heifers and 24 cows and calves.

Cattle comprised lesser finished bullocks, smaller lines of well finished cows with larger lines of store cows as well as a larger run of northern bulls.

The yarding was drawn from Laura, Normanton, Doomadgee, Corydon, Julia Creek, Richmond, Hughenden, Pentland, Proserpine, as well as local and coastal areas.

Prime quotes:

Heavy bullocks were 4c dearer, heifers were 10c easier, cows were 10c dearer, and bulls were unchanged compared to the previous week's rates.

Steers and bullocks under 500kg sold to 325.2c and averaged 283.7c, and those over 500kg topped at 340.2c to average 309.9c. Heifers under 440kg sold to 289.2c and averaged 241.3c, while heifers over 440kg topped at 288.2c, averaging 284.2c. Cows under 400kg made 218.2c and averaged 178.3c, while cows over 400kg reached 260.2c, averaging 242.2c. Bulls under 450kg made 300.2c and averaged 199.8c, while bulls over 450kg reached 320c to average 258.5c.

Philipson Holdings sold bullocks for 338.2c, weighing 620kg to return $2097/hd. Best priced trade heifers were presented on a/c Philipson Holdings selling for 289.2c and weighed 439kg to return $1270/hd.

The top pen of cows were sold by Layne Prichard for 260.2c and weighed 560kg to return $1457/hd. Bulls sold on a/c Fanning Downs topped at 320.2c and weighed 750kg, to return $2401/hd.

Store quotes:

Store cattle were made up of a few different good lines of Brahman and crossbred steers selling to good competition with fewer lines of good quality heifers.

Steers under 200kg reached 322.2c to average 283.9c, steers 200 - 320kg sold to 309.2c, averaging 221.9c, steers 320 - 400kg topped at 280.2c and averaged 269.2c and steers over 400kg sold to 286.2c to average 256.3c. Heifers under 200kg topped at 242.2c and averaged 207.6c, heifers 200 - 320kg sold to 242.2c, averaging 217.9c, heifers 320 - 370kg made 232.2c to average 207.6c, and heifers over 370kg topped at 210c, averaging 210c.

A pen of 40 steers a/c Central Creek Pastoral made 322.2c and weighed 140kg, to return an average of $451/hd. A good pen of 16 heifers on a/c M and S Masters made 242.2c, weighed 247kg returning an average of $598/hd. One cow and calf unit sold on a/c Contracting Services NQ, returned $980.


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