Lighter steers to 398c at Emerald

Light store steers 398c at Emerald


Values for lighter steers pushed well beyond that of last week’s rates when 1640 head were yarded at Emerald on November 23.

Emerald yards 1640.

Emerald yards 1640.

A slight decrease in numbers with 1640 head yarded at Emerald on November 23. With some outstanding drafts of No. 7 Steers, values for the lighter steer section pushed well beyond that of last week’s rates, while the remainder of the market was fairly firm.

In the prime section, bullocks over 550kg  topped at 289c to average 280c, a gain of 18c, too few heavy steers to quote, heavy heifers over 400kg made to 285c to average 271c firm, heavy cows over 520kg  sold to an isolated 239c to average 226c, 450-520lg cows reached 232c to average 219c, while heavy bulls over 600kg  topped at 247c.

In the store section, heavy feeder steers were too few to quote, 350-400kg steers reached 389c to average 322c, a huge lift of 40c, 280-350kg  also topped at 398c to record the solid average of 381c, another large gain of 46c, steers 200-280kg reached 398c to average 373c, while light steers under 200kg  topped at 389c.

Feeder heifers 350-400kg  sold to 283c to average 273c, 280-350kg heifers reached 339c for 301c average, heifers in the 200-280kg  topped at 343c for 318c average, while light heifers under 200kg  made as much as 335c. A single pen of store condition, aged cows with 2-6 week old calves at foot made $1300.

The Prince family, Janibee, Capella offered 573kg Droughtmaster cows to 228c and $1308, while Rob and Una Oates, Mt Brett, Comet had 585kg Brahman cows to 225c and $1318. The Hamblin family, Doris Park, Emerald had 552kg Droughtmaster cows to 227c and $1255, while the Barlow family, Comet, offered 270kg Brangus cows to 228c and $1299.

Lyn Sypher and family, West Park, Emerald had 428kg Droughtmaster heifers to 283c and $1214, while the Phillis family, Carlo Creek, Dingo had their Brangus heifers to 285c for 407kg  and $1162.

Robbie and Reg Ryan, Bridge Flats, Emerald sold 278kg Droughtmaster cross steers to 379c and $1054, the Carruthers family, Wendouree, Alpha offered 358kg Charbray/Brangus/Droughtmaster cross steers to 398c or $1425.


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