Cloncurry Luau Races 2017 | Photos

Cloncurry Luau Races 2017


Cloncurry's race day was colourful, fun, and a little mischievous.


RACEGOERS cheerfully took on the dress code of bright colours and floral arrangements for the Cloncurry Luau Races last Saturday. 

Renee Hobson won the women’s open fashions on the field with a white dressed with light coloured flowers, and pink and blue coloured millinery.  The runner-up was Lizzie Hawkins, with matching brown coloured millinery and dress.

The winner of the men’s fashions was Phil McRakan, while runner-up was Calum Fullelove. The boisterous Mr McRakan drank from his shoe after he was declared the winner. 

Last year there had been only one novelty competitor but this year that number had grown to 15. The only woman to enter the category won. Stephanie O’Brien wore a bright purple floral skirt and blue hula dress. 

The best dressed girl was Molly Harrison, with a white flower millinery piece coordinating with her white and blue patterned frock. Lucy Daniels was runner-up. 

The boy’s fashions was won by Tom Scholes. Runner-up was Thomas Hows.

The races were a chance for banker Drew Alexion to say goodbye to the Cloncurry community. He had lived in the town for a year.

He was at last year’s Cloncurry Luau Races two weeks after moving to Cloncurry. His photo had been published on the front page of The North West Star. 

Mr Alexion loved the lifestyle of Cloncurry, where he had worked on his bank’s cattle files. 

“It’s been great, man. It’s a very interesting part of the world out here and it’s something all young Australians should come and do,” he said. 

“The highlights have definitely been the friendships I’ve made and the race days, rodeos and lively little towns.” 


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