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The Doomben Cup: Legendary wins

Here are some of the most famous winners of the Doomben Cup. Picture Shutterstock
Here are some of the most famous winners of the Doomben Cup. Picture Shutterstock

Since the race started in 1933, the Doomben Cup has seen some champions rise and fall over the years. Every year brings its own atmosphere, fun, and excitement, and it's when we look back at the best years of the Doomben Cup that we get to participate in part of the joy and adrenaline they must have felt.

Here are some of the most famous winners of the Doomben Cup.

History of the Doomben Cup

The Doomben Cup is a prestigious horse racing event held in Brisbane, Australia. Starting in 1933, this thrilling Group 1 thoroughbred horse race is run over a distance of 2000m (2km) at the Doomben Racecourse. The first race was won by Pentheus in 1933, and from there, every year, it started to attract more and more attention, becoming an important event for horses that specialise in middle-distance racing.

Some noticeable milestones regarding the Doomben Cup are how it upgraded in status over the years. Starting as a principal race, the Doomben Cup was bumped up to Group 3 in 1979, then Group 2 and 1 in 1980. This demonstrates the value, quality and competitiveness of this race from its start in 1933.

Nowadays, the Doomben Cup still maintains its prestige, not only serving as a test of stamina and speed but also contributing significantly to the pedigree and reputation of its participants, often influencing breeding decisions and the racing calendar in Australia. It continues to be a major event in the Australian horse racing calendar, eagerly anticipated by racing enthusiasts each year.

Famous winners from The Doomben Cup

The Doomben Cup, a highlight of the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival, has been graced by numerous remarkable performances over the years. Here, we spotlight some of the most memorable victories, bringing the excitement of these races to life through vivid race call excerpts.

Zaaki: 2021

Zaaki's 2021 Doomben Cup win was nothing short of dominant, marking one of the most commanding performances in the race's history. Coming from the back, Zaaki surged forward, overtaking Brandenburg. By the time they reached the 200-metre mark, Zaaki had turned the race into a one-act affair, leading by a mile. The rest of the field, including Toffee Tongue and Brandenburg, struggled to compete for the minor placings. Zaaki's victory was so impressive that it left no doubts about his superiority, creating a memorable moment in Doomben Cup lore.

Streama: 2014

Streama's victory in the 1999 Doomben Cup was another thrilling chapter in the race's history. Leading the pack as they approached the 350-metre mark, Streama was challenged fiercely by Flores on the fence and Moriarty in the clear. As they dashed past the 200-metre mark, Streama was joined by Badge, with Danube making a late surge down the outside. However, Streama took control in the final 100 metres, securing a clear lead and crossing the finish line first, a testament to her enduring strength and racing spirit.

Scenic Shot: 2009

Scenic Shot's 2009 victory was marked by a tactical race where he took the shortest route to victory. In the final stretch, Glass Harmonium led, with Scenic Shot pushing up strongly on the inside. My Kingdom of Fife made a late charge down the outside, but Scenic Shot managed to squeeze through a narrow gap between horses. In a thrilling finish, Scenic Shot edged out Glass Harmonium and My Kingdom of Fife, demonstrating his grit and determination to win the race once again.

Might and Power: 1998

Martin Power showcased his champion qualities in the 1998 Doomben Cup. As the race unfolded, Martin Power hit the front at the top of the straight. Despite York riding him very hard, Martin Power displayed his prowess. Into Gaze was on his heels, mounting a challenge on the outside, with I Like Him also trying to press from the middle. But as they turned for home, Martin Power was unstoppable.

He led confidently by a length over Into Gaze, who tried hard but couldn't close the gap. Martin Power held strong, showcasing why he was indeed a champion, ultimately winning the Cup, much to the delight of Emily Baz, who called the victory emphatically.

Final thoughts

Bringing up some of the most famous wins in the Doomben Cup is one way to get you excited for this year's race. Check the Doomben Cup latest odds, and you might find that you have chosen the next horse that'll go down in history for a historic win.

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