Bob Katter wants PM to intervene on Adblue shortage

Derek Barry
By Derek Barry
December 11 2021 - 5:00am
KENNEDY MP Bob Katter has called on the Prime Minister to intervene urgently to secure Australia's supply of a vital ingredient used by trucks across the country.

KENNEDY MP Bob Katter has called on the Prime Minister to intervene urgently to secure Australia's supply of a vital ingredient used by trucks across the country.

AdBlue is one of the most popular diesel exhaust fluids on the market and is used to lower the concentration of nitrogen oxides in exhaust emissions.



The fluid is a mix of the organic compound urea and deionised water and is injected from a separate small tank into a vehicle's exhaust system to cut harmful emissions.

It is used in the majority of line haul trucks manufactured after 2010, as well as some modern agricultural machinery and diesel four-wheel drives.

Demand for AdBlue has risen as fuel standards have become more strict but urea stocks are running low and China, which supplies 80pc of the raw material to Australia, has been tightening its grip on supplies.

The Australian Trucking Association has advised the Australian transportation system could collapse unless the Government intervenes, Mr Katter has warned.

"Supermarket shelves will empty; fruit and vegetables won't be able to get to market. The agricultural sector will be brought to its knees. The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated," Mr Katter said.

"Whatever China's reasons for cutting supply, Australia now more than ever needs to secure our sovereign fuel supply."

Mr Katter said that without AdBlue, all of the major road trains trucks in Australia would be off the roads by the end of January. Also at crisis point will be most of the agricultural sector and other industries that have diesel vehicles that require this emission reducing additive.

"Federal government must provide immediate grants to manufacturers, such as Incitec Pivot, to enable the local production and supply of Urea.

"I have scheduled discussions with Jeanne Johns, the head of Incitec Pivot, and with assistance from the government, I'm pretty certain that Incitec Pivot will be able to help.

"The Australian Trucking Association are dead right in sounding the alarm and dead right that urgent government action is needed.

"Only strong leadership and immediate, decisive government action will prevent the dire consequences caused by our reliance on China for our fuel supply."

Mr Katter said the sovereign fuel security legislation he brought to Parliament a week ago addresses the issue.

"We have the technology, the raw materials and the manufacturing capabilities to have fuel self-sufficiency," he said.

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Derek Barry

Derek Barry

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