Weaner steers reach 780c, average 723c at Gracemere

Updated November 26 2021 - 1:01am, first published November 25 2021 - 11:55pm
An offering from Essex Grazing, Middlemount, of 325 Charbray heifers made 600c/kg and weighed 370kg to return $2221/hd during the CQLX prime and store cattle sale.

Due to the recent rainfall in some areas, CQLX Gracemere agents saw an increased yarding of 2950 head on Wednesday.

Cattle were once again drawn from the north to Mackay and Nebo, west to Clermont and the usual local areas.



A strong buying panel of processors, feeders and restockers competed to keep prices at or above last sale rates.

Slaughter steers sold to 506c, average 482c, steers 400-500kg sold to 550c, average 527c, steers 300-400kg reached 704c, average 536c, steers 200-300kg made 748c, average 692c and steers under 200kg sold to 780c, average 723c.

Slaughter cows sold to 419c, average 394c, cows 400-500kg reached 460c, average 408c, and cows under 400kg made 448c, average 399c.

Slaughter heifers sold to 582c, average 493c, heifers 300-400kg made 600c, average 525c, heifers 200-300kg reached 682c, average 599c, and heifers under 200kg made 682c, average 612c.

Cows and calves sold to $2850/unit, average $2608/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 434c, average 385c, and bulls 400-600kg sold to 412c, average 376c.

MJ and PM Wheeler, Mackay, sold Brangus steers for 730c weighing 223kg to return $1632/hd. PJ and EM Everett, Mackay, sold No.8 Droughtmaster feeder steers for 528c weighing 475kg to return $2508/hd. R and L Cullen, Calliope, sold Brahman weaner steers to top at 704c weighing 312kg to return $2262/hd. Kemmis Creek, Nebo, sold a run of 288 Droughtmaster steers to average 640c weighing 325kg to return $2083/hd.

Barlow Park, Coorooman, sold Brangus cross steers for 744c weighing 216kg to return $1608/hd. N and E Richards, Morinish, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 738c weighing 212kg to return $1564/hd. RW and CG Kerle, Dalma, sold Brangus steers for 506c weighing 510kg to return $2586/hd. B and T Inman, Lowmead, sold 23 No.1 Brangus steers for 718c weighing 241kg to return $1736/hd. Mark Bruce, Calliope, sold Brangus cross steers for 550c weighing 458kg to return $2523/hd.

Trevor Geddes, Milman, sold one Brahman heifer for 718c weighing 288kg to return $2068/hd. MJ and PM Wheeler, Mackay, sold Brangus heifers for 650c to average 232kg to return $1508/hd. Olwin Pty Ltd, Moranbah, sold Brahman cross prime heifers for 460c weighing 531kg to return $2447/hd. W and J Daniels sold Charbray feeder heifers for 562c weighing 347kg to return $1951/hd.

Essex Grazing, Middlemount, sold a run of 325 Charbray heifers with the lead pen making 600c weighing 370kg to return $2221/hd. R and U Oates, Comet, sold Brahman heifers for 598c weighing 289kg to return $1729/hd. P Czislowski, Cobraball, sold Brangus cross heifers to 678c weighing 170kg to return $1156/hd.

Mt Stuart Trust, Capella, sold Brahman heifers for 498c weighing 371kg to return $1850/hd. Tanyar Cattle Co, Blackwater, sold 48 No.0 heifers to top at 564c weighing 404kg to return $2094/hd. B and T Inman, Lowmead, sold 33 Brangus No.1 heifers for 658c weighing 239kg to return $1576/hd.

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