Weaner steers sell to 634c, average 589c at Emerald

Weaner steers sell to 634c, average 589c at Emerald


There was a yarding of just over 2000 head at Emerald on Thursday.


An increase of 100 head on last week's numbers saw just over 2000 head penned at Emerald on Thursday.

As the season dries, it seems any prime cattle available are hitting the market, and with over 700 prime cattle available, values eased off the previous week's red hot prices.

Store cattle did the opposite as they gained 8-19 cents, probably quality related changes.

In the prime section, heavy bullocks over 550kg sold to 425c to average 390c, heavy steers 500-550kg, again seeing competition from both feedlots and processors, selling to 450c (feeder types) to average 403c, heavy heifers over 400kg (same deal as heavy steers) reached 436c to average 390c, heavy cows over 520kg topped at 374c to average 348c, cows 450-520kg made as much as 363c to average 327c, while heavy bulls over 600kg sold to 314c.

In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kg sold to 508c to average 451c, steers 350-400kg topped at 532c to average 470c, 280-350kg steers reached 604c to average 589c, while weaner steers 200-280kg sold to 634c to average 589c.

Feeder heifers 350-400kg made as much as 447c to average 426c, 280-350kg heifers sold to 512c to average 449c, weaner heifers 200-280kg topped at 520c to average 478, while light heifers under 200kg reached 512c to average 478c. No cows and calves to quote.

Rob and Kylie Cunningham, Myrtle Park, Comet, sold Santa cross cows to 358c to weigh 621kg or $2226. Geoff and Phillipa Hurrey, Crillee, Clermont, sold Euro cross steers to 524c to weigh 361kg and returned $1896. Mike and Vicki Donovan, Coolibah, Capella, sold Charolais cross steers to 622c and weighed 227kg or $1412.

Gabe Hoch, Avocet, Springsure, consigned Droughtmaster cross steers to 596c to weigh 221kg or $1321. Carl and Eliza Siller, Monkana, Capella, sold Simmental No. 0 steers for 384c weighing 635kg or $2440, while Will and Danni Anne Hogan, Springsure, sold Santa cows for 353c weighing 595kg or $2100.

Scott and Kimberley Schoo, Yandoon, Capella, sold Santa weaner steers for 630c weighing 256kg or $1611, while their sister mates made 520c weighing 246kg or $1280. Chasford Grazing, Clermont, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 600c weighing 279kg or $1675.

Alexander Curran, Emerald, sold Char cross feeder heifers for 447c weighing 385kg or $1720. Wayne and Lillian Neilson, Clermont sold Romognola weaner steers for 558c weighing 262kg or $1460.


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