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St Ann's Station awarded 'Most Successful Exhibitor' at NBPE commercial cattle awards

Most Successfull Exhibitor: Larissa and Bill Holzwart, St Ann's Station, Dudley Leggett, Neworra Station, Pentland, prime judge Keeley Edwards, Tey Australia, and sponsor Loid Appleton, Appleton Cattle Company. Picture: Ben Harden

Most Successfull Exhibitor: Larissa and Bill Holzwart, St Ann's Station, Dudley Leggett, Neworra Station, Pentland, prime judge Keeley Edwards, Tey Australia, and sponsor Loid Appleton, Appleton Cattle Company. Picture: Ben Harden


Northern beef producers celebrated the NBPE commercial cattle awards on Friday.


The Northern Beef Producers Expo's commercial cattle competition has been hailed a huge success, showcasing some of the quality cattle produced across Northern Australia.

This is the fifth year the expo has been held in Charters Towers, but only the third commercial cattle competition.

At the commercial dinner presentation on Friday evening, trophies and ribbons were presented for both prime and feeder/store cattle following the cracking competition and sale at the Dalrymple Saleyards earlier in the day.

Taking home this year's most successful exhibitor accolade was St Ann's Pastoral Company, with managers Larissa and Bill Holzwart accepting the award.

Bill and Larissa, and sons Liam and Hugh, run 1300 breeders on the 19,500-hectare St Ann's Station at Belyando Crossing, owned by Gina Warre.

This year's prime cattle were judged by Keeley Edwards from Teys Australia and judging the feeder and store section was Mick Kingham from Charters Towers.

In his address, NBPE committee chair Dudley Leggett, Neworra Station, Pentland, acknowledged the vendors and sponsors for putting on a great competition.

"Thank you to all the sponsors, committee members and the vendors who made the commercial cattle competition possible," Mr Leggett said.

"These events don't come together without a large amount of time and effort leading up to the event.

"Being able to showcase the best cattle and working dogs in the north, and share the latest technology and learnings, while pulling the community together, far outweighs the effort involved to make it happen.

"I'm more impressed each time with the quality of cattle I see entering this competition."

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Mr Leggett also thanked Meat & Livestock Australia for bringing its BeefUp forum to this year's event.

"When the idea was floated for the MLA to hold up their BeefUp forum at our event, we all agreed that the two would go together like steak and chips," he said

"It's such a pleasure to be part of not only the industry, but to be able to be part of an organising committee that can produce such an event like this, to showcase the best of the northern cattle herd."

Overall Results: 

Most successful exhibitor - Sponsored by Appleton Cattle Company:

  1. Larissa and Bill Holzwart, St Ann's Pastoral Company owned by Gina Warre.

Class 1 - Pen of five Export Bullocks - Sponsored by WD and KM Appleton, Bulliwallah:

  1. Burdekin Downs Pastoral Trust - 680kg
  2. Lisgar Pastoral Co- 620kg
  3. Fletcher Vale Pastoral Co - 734kg

Class 2 - Best Single Bullock - Sponsored by Triple C Beef:

  1. Angus family Dawsonvale (L) - 640kg
  2. Lisgar Pastoral Company (L) - 602kg
  3. St Ann's Pastoral Company (S) - 790kg

Class 3 - Pen of five cows - Sponsored by Dalrymple Landcare Committee:

  1. St Anns Pastoral Company - 655kg
  2. Lissgar Pastoral Company - 676kg
  3. Angus family Dawsonvale - 617kg

Class 4 - Best single cow - Sponsored by Minjar Gold:

  1. Kanda NT - 718kg
  2. Matthews Cattle (S) - 630kg
  3. James Cook University (JCU) - 640kg

Class 5 - Pen of five trade bullocks - Sponsored by Nutrien Ag

  1. St Ann's Pastoral Company - 640kg
  2. Burdekin Downs Pastoral Trust - 693kg
  3. Fletcher Vale Pastoral - 651kg

Class 6 - Pen of five trade heifers - Sponsored by Hillside Droughtmasters:

  1. Lisgar Pastoral Company - 529kg
  2. Fletcher Vale Pastoral Company - 546kg
  3. Fletcher Vale Pastoral Company - 510kg

Class 7 - Pen of feeder steers - Sponsored by Lisgar Droughtmasters:

  1. Angus family Dawsonvale - 452kg
  2. St Ann's Pastoral Company
  3. JCU

Class 8 - Pen of feeder heifers - Sponsored by Australian Brahman Breeders Association:

  1. St Ann's - 382kg
  2. Lisgar Pastoral Company - 370kg
  3. Angus family Dawsonvale - 375kg

Class 9 - Pen of live export steers - Sponsored by Queensland Rural:

  1. St Ann's Pastoral Company - 363kg (only one nomination)

Class 10 - Pen of weaner steers - Sponsored by GI Brahmans:

  1. Mt Douglas Pastoral Company - 290kg (only one nomination)

Class 11 - Pen of weaner heifers - Sponsored by Mt Douglas Pastoral:

  1. Mt Douglas Pastoral Company - 283kg
  2. Kanda - 234kg

Class 12 - NBPE pen of five replacement heifers - Sponsored by The Northern Australia Beef Producerds Inc:

  1. Lyons family Wambiana
  2. Lyons family Wambiana
  3. Lyons family Wambiana

Full report in next week's North Queensland Register.


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