Heavy heifers make 343c, average 328c at Emerald

Heavy heifers make 343c, average 328c at Emerald


Larger cattle dominated the yarding at Emerald on Thursday.


Emerald agents experienced a smaller yarding on Thursday due to Tuesday's weaner and feeder sale, with just under 850 head standing for sale.

Lighter cattle were too few to reliably quote, however buyers had plenty of larger cattle to compete for. Following the trend of most Queensland selling centres the market remained strong, with good buyer competition bringing excellent returns throughout the yard.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg sold to 331c/kg to average 326c, bullocks 500-550kg sold to 328c for an average of 323c, heavy steers from 400-500kg made to 356c to average 340c, whereas all lighter lines of steers where too few to reliably quote.

Heavy heifers over 400kg sold to a top of 343c to average 328c, 350-400kg heifers sold to 329c to average 311c, with lighter lines of heifers too few to quote.

Heavy cows over 520kg topped at 298c to average 276c, while cows 450-520kg reached 285c to average 263c.

Heavy bulls over 600kg sold to a top of 305c to average 284c, while cows and calves averaged $1840/unit.

Lucknow Grazing Co., Lucknow, Emerald, consigned Droughtmaster steers making to 327c weighing 695kg for a return of $2274. The Whitehead family, Satellite, Springsure, sold Charolais heifers for 343c weighing 449kg to return $1540.

Dan and Tara Perry, Glendon, Emerald, sold Droughtmaster cows to 284c weighing 506kg or $1438. The Prince family, Melaleuca, Capella, sold Droughtmaster steers to 348c weighing 435kg for a return of $1516.


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