Managing risk reaps rewards

Managing risk reaps rewards


Hort360 modules empower growers to make smarter decisions on day to day operations as well as plan for the future.


Horticulture has always been a risky business.

Over time those risks have only seemed to have grown, from market uncertainty, ever increasing input costs, through to pests and diseases and food safety.

Rising temperatures and climate variability in particular are two of the biggest hurdles growers are facing as they strive to secure financial viability for their farm businesses.

After more than a decade of severe droughts and natural disasters in Queensland, many of the state's farmers are re-thinking their climate risk management strategies. With so much at stake, it's clear our industry needs a comprehensive approach to risk management.

That's where Hort360 comes in.

Hort360 is the best management practice program for horticulture that helps growers to identify potential risks, capitalise on business opportunities and highlight unnecessary farm expenses.

The program's modules on Climate and Better Business, when taken together, can put growers back on track with tools for successful climate adaptation that also improve their profitability and sustainability.

The Hort360 Climate Risk Management module helps growers assess climate hazards, identify the risks they pose to their business, and develop management strategies to mitigate those risks.

The Hort360 Better Business, on the other hand, provides them with a tangible business plan that can be referred back to while providing a platform for future development.

Growers generally have an idea as to where their business is heading, however this information is often not documented.

Both these modules empower growers to make smarter decisions on how they carry out their day to day operations as well as plan for the future.

More than 900 growers are already involved with the Hort360 program not only for its pro-active approach to climate risks but also its means of boosting profitability through more effective use of farm inputs.

Growcom encourages growers looking to improve their management practices to get on board with Hort360 by contacting Hort360 manager Scott Wallace on 0408 135 002 or email

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