Camel train raises awareness of a different lifestyle

Rabbit Hop launch teaser trailer of John Elliot's travels

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THE MONEY OR THE CAMELS: John Elliot is travelling across Australia with his camel train.

THE MONEY OR THE CAMELS: John Elliot is travelling across Australia with his camel train.


Rabbit Hop Films have released a teaser trailer of 'The Money or The Camel'


Earlier this year, Perth business executive and entrepreneur John Elliot walked away from a life of luxury, choosing instead to drive a camel train across Australia in an attempt to live a simpler life.

Now a well-known bush film company has launched a two-minute teaser trailer of his journey, in an attempt to raise funds to complete a feature-length documentary

Rabbit Hop Films owner Sascha Estens said the inspiration for the film "The Money or The Camel" occurred when Mr Elliot and his camels travelled through her hometown of Moree NSW.

"John has a big story to tell, and he's not afraid to tell it," she said.

"Honest and raw, he delves straight into his life's lessons so far, the mistakes he's made, his battles with addiction and mental health.

"You can't help but be drawn to this cheery adventurer, you'd think he's been in the bush his whole life, he can converse so naturally with total strangers along his journey and he has a special gift for inspiring and helping these new-found friends navigate their own personal struggles."

Travelling with only his five camels, Ted, Jackson, Bill, Arthur and young Charlie, and dog Bruski, Mr Elliot said his new, simple life has bought a richness he never could have imagined.

Setting off in April, Mr Elliot plans to travel for two years, crossing through every state in Australia.

"I knew I was ready for an adventure, and during a discussion one night camels came up, I had no idea we had such a large population in Australia, so I started googling, and one thing kind of led to another," he said.

"I thought money was the answer, but now to be free of the long-term loans, free of the system that drives you to spend more time working than you do with your family and friends, free from worrying about the car you drive, the house you live in, the ambition up the corporate ladder.

"What if I walked away from all of that to find out if I could still find success and feel achievement in my life?"

Mr Elliot said travelling through Australia so far, he has been buoyed by the generosity and warm welcome received from many of the rural towns he's visited.

"It's just so dry, it's the one thing on everyone's mind and all anyone is talking about, so when I walk through the place with my five camels it's a healthy, and welcomed, distraction," he said.

"I walk down a main street and to have everyone turn, an excuse for the kids to come out with a smile on their face, it's good to be able to provide that."

Mr Elliot said he's only used a third of the food he expected, due to the generosity of the people he has met.

"I've been invited in for roast dinners, had people drop off baked goods and about every tenth car that pulls up there's something there for us even if it's just a bottle of water," he said.

"I could never of predicted how much interest people have shown in the trip and in the camels, and the bush telegraph certain works in weird and wonderful ways."

Seven months into his travels, Mr Elliot is currently heading toward Canberra, following which he plans to travel across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and finish on the coast in Western Australia.

Mr Elliot said he has been told that due to due to bull camel attacks in the desert he only has an 80 per cent chance of survival.

"I've traded a five-star lifestyle for a five billion star adventure, and it's worth anything life throws my way," he said.

The two-minute teaser, 'The Money or the Camel' can be seen here and may require the password: rabbithop

The film can be found at:

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