Santa cross weaner steers make 308c at Gracemere

Santa cross weaner steers make 308c at Gracemere


Quality cattle held firm to better at Gracemere on Friday, with lesser quality, particularly weaners easing slightly.


Gracemere was presented a yarding of 4787 head on Friday, comprising 2578 steers, 1784 heifers, 354 cows, 23 bulls and 48 cow and calf lots. An increased yarding came to hand with heavy feeders increasing for both heifer and steer articles. Several excellent runs of cattle from local, Dysart, Calliope, Mackay and Morinish areas. All quality articles held firm to better, with lesser quality, particularly weaners easing slightly. Cows held relatively firm on last week.

Slaughter steers sold to 284c, average 275c, steers 400-500kg made 292c, average 277c, steers 300-400kg reached 297c, average 258c, steers 200-300kg made 308c, average 252c and steers under 200kg sold to 268c, average 233c.

Slaughter cows sold to 245c, average 211c, cows 400-450kg made 218c, average 206c, cows 320-400kg reached 193c, average 166c, and cows under 320kg made 170c, average 137c.

Heavy heifers sold to 258c, average 230c, heifers 300-400kg made 256c, average 230c, heifers 200-300kg reached 238c, average 190c, and heifers under 200kg made 240c, average 191c.

Cows and calves sold to $1125/unit, average $1000/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 285c, average 274c, and bulls under 450kg sold to 284c, average 280c.


DP Macaulay, Garnant, sold Red Brangus weaner steers to top at 297c, weighing 375kg to return $1116/hd.

J and C Ellrott, Morinish, sold 186 Braford cross steers to average 284c, weighing 415kg returning $1181/hd.

G and Y Galea, Sarina, sold quality Ultra Black cross weaner steers for 298c, weighing 295kg to return $881/hd.

Spelta Grazing, Gogango, sold Santa cross weaner steers for 308c, weighing 265kg returning $802/hd.

Petdes Pty Ltd, Calliope, sold PTIC Brahman cows, for 216c, weighing 489kg returning $1058/hd.

B Neil-Ballantine, Baralaba, sold crossbred No.8 heifers for 258kg, weighing 404kg returning $1043/hd.

Mt Bison Pastoral Co, Marlborough, sold Brahman cross feeder heifers for 258c, weighing 427kg returning $1095/hd.

M Harris, Kabra, sold Grey Brahman weaner heifers for 230c, weighing 232kg returning $535/hd.

G and L Thompson, Ridgelands, sold good quality Brahman weaner heifers for 228c, weighing 213kg to return $487/hd.


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