Euro cross bullocks make 293c/$1691 at Emerald

Euro cross bullocks make 293c/$1691 at Emerald


Restockers were active at Emerald sale on Thursday.


Numbers remained almost identical to last week with just under 1600 penned at Emerald on Thursday. With no real rain on the Central Highlands, restockers were more active towards the light weight store stock and this resulted in some healthy gains on the previous sale.

Feeder cattle were generally firm to slightly cheaper due to lack of numbers, while prime cattle eased marginally as the stock offered this week were lighter and leaner than last week. In the prime section.

Bullocks over 550kg sold to 293c/kg to average 291c, heavy heifers over 400kg reached 255c to average 242c, heavy cows over 520kg topped at 229c to average 216c, 450-520kg cows made as much as 223c to average 198c, while heavy bulls over 600kg sold to 255c.

Heavy feeder steers 400-500kg sold to 271c to average 261c, 350-400kg trade feeder steers reached 274c to average 257c. 280-350kg steers topped at 267c to average 243c, weaner steers 200-280kg made as much as 268c to average 239c while light steers under 200kg sold to 259c.

Trade feeder heifers 350-400kg sold to 248c to average 237c, 280-350kg heifers topped at 263c to average 238c, weaner heifers 200-280kg reached 254c to average 223c, while light heifers under 200kg made as much as 228c. No cows and calves on offer this week.


The Esmond family, Lucknow, Emerald sold Euro cross bullocks to 293c to weigh 576kg or $1691. Greg and Alicia Magee, St Omer, Capella sold Angus steers to 240c to weigh 289kg or $694. Greg and Dan Perry, Glendon, Emerald sold Droughtmaster steers reaching 259c to weigh 196kg or $509.

Jono and Carmel Tibbles, Westlyn, Springsure sold Droughtmaster cross heifers to 233c to weigh 348kg or $812. Ian and Terri Grayson, Native Bee, Emerald sold Santa cross heifers making to 247c to weigh 215kg and returned $531.

Tony and Louise Prentice, Jamar, Emerald sold Santa cows to top at 228c to weigh 534kg and return $1218. The Bottomly family, Monash, Comet sold Droughtmaster cows to 225c to weigh 533kg and $1200. Trevor and Alison Hamblin, Doris Park, Emerald sold Droughtmaster cows reaching 229c to weigh 574kg or $1315.


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