Getting prepared to weather storms

Getting growers prepared for storm season


Growers should be preparing their horticultural businesses for storm and cyclone season.


Summer is in full swing and growers should be preparing their horticultural businesses for storm and cyclone season.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s summer climate outlook (December 2018 to February 2019) indicates continued development towards El Nino in the tropical Pacific Ocean, with likely El Nino conditions through the summer months.

To help you get ready, we have prepared a checklist of tips you can follow to manage risks and minimise the effects of unpredictable weather events.

1. Assess your climate risks while considering updated climate projections and seasonal forecasts.

2. Register for weather alerts and warnings.

3. Register your details with us by emailing

4. Compile a list of emergency contacts, including your local council’s disaster or emergency centre.

5. Take down your neighbour’s contact details and check in with them before and after a weather event.

6. Back up essential business information and records to a cloud, external hard drive or USB.

7. Discuss your emergency plan with your employees and designate someone to take the lead when you are off-farm. The plan should include allowances for all staff to secure their own homes.

8. Know your rights and obligations as an employer and prepare emergency kits for work and home.

9. Make sure you have access to an alternative power source (generator) and working chainsaw.

10. Have emergency fuel stocks and plenty of chainsaw oil.

11. Identify effective pruning and management strategies to protect your crops from high winds and flooding.

12. Clean up around your farm to minimise damage.

13. Ensure there is enough food stocks to last at least one week.

14. Have cash available in case of long, widespread power outages.

15. Manage inventory to ensure quick insurance claims.

16. Ensure your insurance has been recently reviewed and keep a copy of this information in your emergency kit.

We hope the effects of storm season will be minimal but encourage you to be prepared for whatever the weather. From all the staff at Growcom, we wish you are a safe and Merry Christmas.

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