EU Brahman steers make 292c/$1345 at Gracemere

EU Brahman steers make 292c/$1345 at Gracemere


There were several good quality lines of feeder cattle offered at Gracemere on Friday, which attracted strong competition from buyers.


The final sale for 2018 saw an increase in numbers on Friday for a total of 3384 head which comprised 1823 steers and bullocks, 1096 heifers, 234 cows, 38 cows and calves and 191 bulls and mickeys.

Cattle were drawn from most parts of Central Queensland with several good quality lines of feeder cattle, which attracted strong competition from buyers. Better quality light weight steers and heifers going back to the paddock firmed this week, however restockers were selective with the poorer quality cattle.

Slaughter steers sold to  292.2c, average 278.4c, steers 400-500kg made 306.2c, average 285c, steers 300-400kg reached 306.2c, average 291.7c, steers 200-300kg made 308.2c, average 282.7c and steers under 200kg sold to 296.2c, average 265.8c.

Slaughter cows sold to 238.3c, average 207.3c, cows 400-450kg made 210c, average 201.4c, cows 320-400kg reached 200.2c, average 174c, and cows under 320kg made 166.2c, average 117.5c.

Heavy heifers sold to 258.2c, average 258.2c, heifers 300-400kg made 261.2c, average 248.1c, heifers 200-300kg reached 254.2c, average 240.5c, and heifers under 200kg made 244.2c, average 206.3c.

Bulls over 600kg made 292.2c, average 249.2c, bulls 450-600kg reached 294.2c, average 263c and bulls under 450kg sold to 296.2c, average 260.8c.


WS & KA Harrison, Theodore sold Brahman cross bullocks to top at 286c weighing 547kg returning $1565.

Hazelton Pastoral Co, Middlemount sold EU Brahman steers for 292c weighing 460kg to return $1345.

Wildman Partnership, Gogango sold Brangus steers to top at 296c weighing 432kg to return $1281/hd.

AJ & PA Davison, Clermont sold a line of Brahman and Charbray No.7 EU steers to average 299c weighing 352kg to return $1052/hd. The No.8 EU steers averaged 285kg for an average of 298c returning $850/hd.

R Moran, Nagoorin sold Brahman steers for 297c weighing 346kg to return $1027/hd.

Riverside Pastoral Company, Nebo sold a large draft Brahman and Brahman cross heifers to top at 251c weighing 341kg to return $858/hd. The steers topped at 293c weighing 295kg to return $864.

The next Gracemere sale is on Friday, January 11 starting at 8.30am.

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