Droughtmaster steers to 284c at Emerald

Droughtmaster steers to 284c at Emerald


Better quality types saw a significant increase in rate in most all categories at Emerald on Thursday.


With a slightly bigger yarding to just over 1400 head at Emerald on Thursday, with a mixed quality line up evident and a number of light weight weaner and feeder cattle on offer. Most of the better quality types saw a significant increase in rate in most all categories.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg made to 286c to average 270c, with steers 500-550kg reaching 267c to average 262c, while steers 400-500kg making to 259c to average 248c, steers 350-400kg topped at 257c to average 250c, 280-350kg steers made to 268c to average 242c, while steers in the weaner weight ranges made to 284c to average 265c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg made to 255c to average 236c, while heifers 350-400kg made to 237c to average 221c, heifers 280-350kg reached 230c to average 209c, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 220c to average 201c. Cows over 520kg topped at 235c to average 225c, while cows 450-520kg reached 222c to average 191c.


The Vallis family, JoJo, Alpha sold a line of Braford cross steers making to 257c to weigh 430kg or $1105, Charlie and Margaret Prince, Janibee, Capella sold Droughmaster steers to 267c to weigh 544kg or $1454. Trevor and Alison Hamblin, Doris Park, sold Droughtmaster steers for 259c to weigh 270kg or $699.

The Bettridge family, Mt Wilga, Alpha sold a line of Droughtmaster steers to 284c to weigh 250kg or $713, while their cows made to 228c to weigh 532kg or $1215. The Dowe family, Eldeebar, Dingo sold Droughtmaster cross heifers to 255c to weigh 470kg or $1199. The Mclucas family, Roper Valley, Middlemount consigned Santa cows to 235c to weigh 562kg or $1323.


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