Light weaner steers reach 319c, av 300c at Emerald

Light weaner steers reach 319c, av 300c at Emerald


Emerald held a special weaner and feeder sale on Tuesday and store & prime sale on Thursday.


The July weaner/feeder sale came up with 3850 cattle on offer at Emerald. It was a fairly local offering, quality was of its usual high standard for these feature sales and values tended to be stronger, aided with recent scattered rainfall.

Heavy feeder steers over 400kg  reached 279c/kg and averaged 265c, trade feeder steers 350-400kg sold to 277c to average 251c, 280-350kg steers made as much as 301c to average 271c, 220-280kg weaner steers topped at 319c to average 295c, while light steers under 200kg sold to 319c to average 300c.

A single pen of heavy heifers over 400kg sold to 242c, trade feeder heifers 350-400kg topped at 246c to average 238c, 280-350kg heifers reached 253c to average 233c, weaner heifers 200-280kg made as much as 259c to average 227c while light heifers under 200kg sold to 246c to average 225c.      

Lake Elphinstone Partnership, Lake Elphinstone, Nebo sold Brahman Steers to 270c to weigh 311kg or $841. The Daniels Family, Ivy Vale, Gindie sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers to 263c to weigh 456kg and return $1200. Tom and Betty Christmas, Glenrobin, Jericho offered Droughtmaster steers making to 309c to weigh 236kg or $732. John and Beryl Baker, Morana, Capella sold Droughtmaster Steers to 291c to weigh 281kg and return $819.

Ian and Terri Grayson, Native Bee, Emerald offered Shorthorn cross steers to 291c to weigh 257kg and return $750. Jane Neilson and family, Shandon Park, Anakie sold Droughtmaster steers for 294c to weigh 271kg and return $798. Geoff and Phillipa Hurrey, Crillee, Clermont sold Limo cross steers making to 275c to weigh 362kg or $996. Lyn Sypher, West Park, Emerald sold Droughtmaster heifers to make 240c and weighed 178kg to return $429.

The Daniels family, Theresa Downs, Emerald sold Euro cross heifers weighing 320kg and made 241c to return $772. The Stent-Smith family, Roper View, Emerald consigned Simmental heifers making to 238c to weigh 304kg and return $724. Dozer and Chyanne Loudon, Karinda, Springsure sold Charolais cross heifers making to 259c to weigh 252kg or $653.

Emerald Store & Prime Sale

On the back of Tuesday’s special weaner and feeder sale a limited number of 520 cattle were penned at Emerald on Thursday. The yarding consisting of mainly older cattle mostly prime and forward condition types.

Heavy slaughter types saw a lift in values with bullocks over 550kg making to 256c to average 251c, while heavy steers 500-550kg made to 252c with an average of 243c. A good offering of steers 400-500kg were on offer with the best to 262c to average 249c.

Cows over 520kg made to 224c to average 206c, while cows 450-520kg reached 225c to average 189c. A pen of large frame, forward condition, Droughtmaster cows with 1-2 month old Droughtmaster calves made to $1220 per unit.

Hanrahan and Wells families, Palari, Comet sold Charolais cross bullocks to 256c to weigh 628kg or $1608. The Flohr family, Wotonga, Moranbah sold Euro cross steers reaching 262c to weigh 457kg and return $1200. The Mclucas family, Roper Valley, Middlemount sold Droughtmaster cows to 205c and weighed 536kg to return $1100.

The Maxwell family, Hazelwood, Longreach sold Brahman cows making to 200c to weigh 518kg or $1037. Dozer and Chyanne Loudon, Karinda, Springsure sold Brahman cross cows to 203c to weigh 491kg or $999. Don and Kay Gordon, Burn Meadows, Emerald sold Brangus cows to 192c to weigh 533kg and returned $1025.


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