Mount Surprise campdraft

Mount Surprise campdraft 2018 results.


Greenvale musterer scoops prize pool at Mt Surprise.

Greenvale contract musterer Dan Condon scooped the prize pool at the weekend’s 2018 Mt Surprise Campdraft, taking home the open, maiden and futurity events.


Record nominations saw riders from all over North Queensland vie for the $10,000 prize pool.

Cattle were provided by the McClymont Family, Mt Surprise Station.

Full results as follows:

S&K Civil Contracting Open Campdraft

1. Dan Condon and Bracelet

2&3 (equal) Barry Johnson and Accurate Acre, Barry Johnson and Hope

4. Matt Stanger and Princess with Chic

5. Morgan Webb and Dolgwili Norman

6. Robyn Cowan and Big Buddy, Jess Hoffman and Lady Antebellum and Kimberly Johnson and Smurf

Volvo Commercial Vehicles – Cairns and Townsville Maiden Campdraft

1. Dan Condon and The Duck

2. Barry Johnson and Adele

3 &4 (equal) Jess Hoffman and Cherrywave and Tracey Whitson and Riverview Fireman

5. Jodie Accornero and Ladybrook Ivy

6. Aaron Prior and Iggy

R & F Steel Buildings Novice Campdraft

1. Morgan Webb and Dogwili Norman

2. Jess Hoffman and Amrosi

3. Matt Stanger and Yugilboy Roy

4 & 5 (equal) Darryl Hunt and Annie Oakley; Bill Schaefer and K Leen

6 & 7 (equal) Jodie Accornero and Ardno Yoko and Clancy Naughton and Mac

Atherton Discount Drug Store Restricted Open Campdraft

1. Barry Johnson and Dodge

2. Natalie Keough and Coolibah

3. Hayley Condon and Pleasure

4. Robyn Cowan and Destinys Chic Olena

5. Kimberly Johnson and Little Spin, Grant Myles and Style and Matt Stanger and Stacey

Tableland Bikes and Power Equipment ASH Campdraft

1. Kimberly Johnson and Collector

2. Kevin Taylor and Morabro Lucy

3. Gary Core and Lou

4. Alisa O’Connor and Atkins COmpromise

5. Alisa O’Connor and Atkins Omi

6&7 (equal) Morgan Webb and Contractor; Tracey Whitson and Tonken Squizzy

AON Insurance Brokers Futurity Campdraft

1. Dan Condon and Willow

2. Matt Stanger and Templeton Smart Little Tassel

3. Peter Hills and Boston

4. Shelly Taylor and Boonara Damsel

5. Alisa O’Connor and O’Connors Embrace

6. Bill Schaefer and Rowdy


1. Hayley Condon and Vanity

2. Tracey Leet and Mickey

3. Pamela Evans and Squid

4 Cheryl Connolly and Secret

5. Timina Lebrocq and Klover

6 (equal) Alkira Agapiou and Felix; Lisa Atkinson and Topsails Lethal Doll; Megan Keough and Cutie and Jess Myles and Nameless


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