Cows and calves average $3266 on AuctionsPlus

By Emma Fessey
May 10 2022 - 11:00pm
Cows and calves up $315 online

Queensland cattle numbers totalled 5003 head last week, increasing by 550 head. Yearling and grown steer numbers recorded the largest rise in listings for the week, up by 660 head for a total offering of 1145 head.

Station mated cows and calves averaged $3266/hd, up $315.



A line of 49 five to nine-year-old Angus/Santa Gertrudis cross cows with CAF from Bungunya returned $3200/hd. The cows averaged 538kg lwt, while the CAF aged one to six months averaged 146kg lwt.

PTIC cows averaged $3085/hd, back $34. A line of two to nine-year-old Angus cows from Goondiwindi weighing 570kg lwt returned $3070/hd. Another highlight included a line of 48 Angus/Shorthorn/Ultraback cows from Mitchell aged two to six years weighing 558kg lwt which returned $2530/hd.

Heifers 280-330kg averaged $199 lower, at $1855/hd. A line of 140 Brahman NSM future breeders from Hughenden aged 12 to 18 months and weighing 297kg lwt returned $1500/hd, or 506c/kg lwt to a buyer at Quilpie.

Steers 200-280kg averaged $16 higher, at $1801/hd. Four lines of 360 EU accredited Santa Gertrudis backgrounder steers from Rolleston aged five to eight months, weighing an average of 222kg lwt returned $1830-$1840/hd, or 830c/kg lwt. The same vendor also offered 220 heifers in two lines, weighing an average of 206kg lwt, which returned $1800/hd. All 580 head were purchased by the same buyer.


Queensland sheep and lamb numbers reached 2639 head, consisting largely of NSM Merino ewes and Merino wether lambs.

SIL Merino ewes averaged $228/hd, up $24. A line of Poll Merino ewes from Cunnamulla aged 5 to 7.5 years weighing 50kg lwt returned $213/hd and will travel to Talwood.

SM Merino ewes averaged $177/hd, up $44. A line of one to seven-year-old ewes from Quilpie weighing 45kg lwt returned $122/hd and will travel to Forbes, NSW.

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