Opinion: what is your go to pub meal?

Zoe Thomas
By Zoe Thomas
May 7 2022 - 5:00am
I'm a lover of the classic bangers and mash. Photo supplied.

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When you head to the pub, what's the first thing you order?



For some people it might be a steak, a chicken parmigiana or the special roast of the day.

Usually you've been craving it for hours and there is nothing more heartbreaking than reaching the counter to order and finding out it isn't available.

I didn't think my go-to meal was that uncommon, but it seems this classic pub favourite is harder to find than I thought.

I'm a lover of bangers and mash. It's a staple comfort that I have loved since a kid.

Peas and carrots with gravy on the side is a must too; you can never have too much sauce.

So why is it that this meal is on the seniors only list at every pub I travel to, or no longer making an appearance at all?

I am only 27 and I'd like to think I still have a few more years left in me.

But why can't I enjoy this delicacy now? Or is a sign of the times that perhaps this classic is going out of fashion?

I realise it may be a very British meal, which as we all know, had very strong influence in Africa.

Surely I can't be the only bangers and mash lover out there? Or do I resign and succumb to a parmigiana or steak and chips?

If your pub offers bangers and mash to all patrons, please let me know, because you could have a new loyal customer ordering it every time without question.

On the topic of pubs, being new to North Queensland, I'm interested to know what iconic northern watering holes I should put on my list.

I can only imagine the stories and memories some bar tables must have.

Quamby Pub and Kalkadoon Hotel are reopening their doors this year to a very welcomed reception.

It has been fantastic to see the outpouring of support from previous patrons wanting to see these establishments come alive once more.



People have offered old memorabilia and images to keep the history alive.

A few weeks ago I broke the story on the Quamby Pub revival.

After it was published, the owners let me know they will be hanging my article in the pub once it reopens. I was flattered to know that my work will be a small part of its history.

Here's hoping I can enjoy bangers and mash there too.

Zoe Thomas

Zoe Thomas

Journalist - North Queensland Register/Queensland Country Life

Northern based journalist at North Queensland Register and Queensland Country Life.

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