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6 Ways to get rid of yard and garden waste

6 Ways to get rid of yard and garden waste

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Though landscaping projects improve your curb appeal, they can leave you with huge piles of debris. Without a better way of managing waste, you'll end up wondering what to do with it. Fortunately, if you're wondering how to get rid of your yard and garden waste, continue reading as we've aligned some of the best cost-effective ways of managing your waste. They include:

1. Compost your waste

While having a large yard can benefit you in several ways, it can also be a pain in the head regarding waste management. However, with a compost bin, you won't have a reason to worry about getting rid of your garden and yard waste. Compost bins are a cost-effective way of disposing of waste while adding value to it.

You can make compost from leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, hay, straw, weeds, and sawdust, meaning everything that was once alive can compost. However, you should avoid adding bones, meat, citrus skins, and shiny printed cardboard in your compost bin. With this in mind, you don't have to worry about getting rid of your garden waste since you can just compost it.

2. Hire a skip bin

Hiring a skip bin is another way of disposing of your garden waste. Such containers aren't hard to find as you can order one from your nearest service provider, such as All Seasons Skip Bin Hire. Though they can be costly, it's among the easiest and fastest ways of managing your waste.

Additionally, if you hire a large skip bin, you can put as much waste as you'd want since you're not limited to the amount of garbage. However, you'll have to adhere to the number of days provided by the provider to fill the bin. After the days given are over, removal experts collect the container to dispose of the waste in a safe place and manner.

All you have to do is select a suitable bin for your garden waste and dispose of only what the company recommends.

3. Schedule a one-time pick-up

If you only require a one-time yard waste solution, it might help you consider the right pick-up choice to suit your needs. There's an annual curbside clean-up day in some cities that is ideal for people requiring such services. However, if your city doesn't offer such services or the timing isn't right for you, consider scheduling a pick-up via a waste management service. With a one-time pick-up solution, you'll be able to get rid of your garden or yard waste without hassle.

6 Ways to get rid of yard and garden waste

4. Bonfire And Incinerators

Burning your garden and yard waste should be the last option to get rid of the waste. Nevertheless, if you don't have another option, ensure to comply with your neighborhood rules and regulations.

Generally, you can use any waste disposal method if it doesn't cause a nuisance. However, before burning your waste, you should ensure that it's scorched to avoid producing a lot of smoke.

If you decide to use incinerators, it's also important to know what kind of waste to burn. Incinerators are suitable for burning lawn cuttings, weeds, leaves, twigs, and hedge trimmings. The good thing about incinerators is that they burn waste at a high temperature and produce less smoke, hence safer than bonfires.

5. Hire a junk removal company

Most junk removal companies provide yard waste hauling services, but at a fee, depending on the space your waste occupies in their truck. The company schedules a delivery period and sends professionals to determine the cost of your waste removal upon arrival. However, you're required to be on-site during the period provided and ensure your waste is ready for pick-up ahead of time.

6. Hire a regular pick-up service

You can also opt for a regular pick-up service as a waste management method. Your debris will be collected regularly, and all you have to do is rent a separate trash bin designed for organic waste. Once you set out your trash bin for pick-up, it will be collected alongside your regular recycling and trash bins. The collecting day of your trash will be scheduled once or twice per week, depending on the company's plan.


With a proper garden and yard waste disposal routine, such waste isn't challenging to manage. We've provided you with a few excellent waste management ideas that will likely help you develop a good waste disposal habit. Consider adopting one or two of the mentioned waste management methods, and you'll have a beautiful yard and garden all year long.