Weaner steers hit 910c, heifers reach 828c at Gracemere

Weaner steers hit 910c, heifers reach 828c at Gracemere


There was a yarding of 1710 head at Gracemere.


CQLX Gracemere agents penned 1710 head for their first sale for 2022 comprising 711 steers, 662 heifers, 223 cows, 18 bulls and 96 cow and calf Units.

Quality was mixed and condition generally forward on an offering drawn from Mundubbera in the south to Mount Garnet in the north.

Competition was good throughout the sale with only one regular processor not represented and a good line-up of restocker and feeder buyers operating.

Prices improved for yearling steers on last sale rates from 2021. All other descriptions had very good competition and saw very good prices.

Slaughter steers sold to 446c, average 443c, steers 400-500kg sold to 636c, average 526c, steers 330-400kg reached 712c, average 624c, steers 280-330kg made 844c, average 702c steers 200-280kg sold to 854c, average 758c,and steers under 200kg sold to 910c, average 849c.

Slaughter cows sold to 410c, average 392c, cows 400-500kg reached 464c, average 384c, cows 330-400kg reached 458c, average 382c, and cows under 330kg made 306c, average 386c.

Slaughter heifers sold to 544c, average 512c, heifers 330-400kg reached 590c, average 511c, heifers 280-330kg made 660c, average 545c, heifers 200-280kg reached 790c, average 635c, and heifers under 200kg made 828c, average 731c.

Cows and calves sold to $3950/unit, average $3277/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 486c, average 349c, and bulls 400-600kg sold to 416c, average 349c.


I.M. Grazing, Mt Garnet, sold Brahman cross steers for 690c weighing 356kg to return $2457/hd. D McCartney, Kunwarara, sold Brangus steers for 844c weighing 287kg to return $2427/hd. A and T Jones, Barmoya, sold EU accredited Red Brangus weaner steers for 806c weighing 263kg to return $2124/hd. S Schmidtke, Eungella, sold Charbray weaner steers for 714c weighing 278kg to return $1987/hd. Tweed Family Trust, Milman, sold Brahman cross weaner steers for 814c weighing 252kg to return $2058/hd. Allen Pastoral Co, Boyne Valley, sold three pens of weaner Brangus cross steers for 854c weighing 218kg to return $1867/hd. FJ Cocks, Duaringa, sold Brahman steers for 722c weighing 288kg to return $2083/hd. They also sold Brahman mickeys for 614c, weighing 354kg to return $2174/hd. BA Hunt, Dalma, sold light steers for 840c, weighing 184kg to return $1545/hd. They also sold a mickey for 634c, weighing 380kg to return $2409. Spelta Grazing, Gogango, sold Santa Euro cross cows for 401c weighing 611kg to return $2454/hd. I.M. Grazing, Mt Garnet, sold Droughtmaster heifers for 624c weighing 284kg to return $1784/hd. Red Ridge Grazing, Stanage, sold Brangus heifers for 650c weighing 273kg to return $1775/hd. The Mc Donald Family, Yeppoon, sold Brangus weaner heifers for 828c weighing 168kg to return $1391/hd. Rodney Ferris, Bororen, sold a pen of good quality Brahman cows and calves for $3650/unit. The Clein Family Trust, Nebo, sold two pens of crossbred cows and calves for $3600/unit. A and H Meller, Mundubbera, sold a pen of Brahman cross cows and calves for $3450/unit.


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