Charters residents urged to conserve water

Charters water usage jumps


Council are urging the community to conserve water as levels at the Weir are just above the wall.


With the summer months approaching, Charters Towers residents are being urged to conserve their water usage as demand jumps to over five million litres a day.

Hot weather has driven the rise in demand, which Councillor Alan Barr, whose portfolio includes Water Resources, said can be expected this time of year.

"It's expected that at this time of year water usage will increase. However, we have seen an increase from an average daily usage of 8.5 megalitres to around 14 megalitres in just the last two weeks for Charters Towers residents," he said.

"Although there has been some rain around, we haven't had any significant inflows into the Weir.

Mr Barr said the water level at the Weir was currently sitting at approximately 50mm (2 inches) over the wall.

"When the level drops below the wall, the town will be placed on Level 1 water restrictions and water will still have to be released to satisfy downstream environmental flow requirements," he said.

"I want to urge the community to see where they can conserve water. Check for leaks around the home and adhere to the current Level 0 restrictions."

Level 0 water restrictions currently include allocated watering times, and irrigation restrictions for residents in town.

"A great way to monitor and manage your water usage is to log in to the MiWater website and check how much water is being used at your house. MiWater can also alert you to leaks at your property," said Cr Barr.

For more information on restriction levels, head to the council website.

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