Steers make 648c/kg at Nebo

Nebo sale attracts southern buying interest

Tony Dwyer GDL and Peter Hayes from Hayes & Co in front of the Fort Cooper steers offered at the Nebo Sale last Friday, October 15.

Tony Dwyer GDL and Peter Hayes from Hayes & Co in front of the Fort Cooper steers offered at the Nebo Sale last Friday, October 15.


Nebo sale generated another strong yarding of cattle, with 775 head passing through Braeside last Friday.


Buyers from as far south as Wandoan headed north to Nebo's Braeside Sale-yards last Friday to take advantage of the quality line of cattle on offer.

With cattle numbers up on the previous sale, a combined total of 775 head passed through the yards, featuring 410 steers, 230 heifers, 85 mickies, 35 cows, five bulls and 10 cows and calves.

Consignments came down from areas such as Gumlu and Bowen in the north, to a few coastal and local areas around Mt Coolon, Nebo and Sarina.

Peter Hayes from Hayes and Co said it was good to see a few new buyers make the trip north to support the sale this month.

"There were definitely a few new buyers at the sale as well, a few new guys from Emerald, Wandoan, south-east Queensland, Rockhampton and a few feedlots from central Queensland and the south burnett," he said.

"We were extremely happy with the sale, around Nebo at the moment the conditions are very dry and producers are needing rain very badly and so we were very happy with the increased buyers support which I believe made the sale."

Mr Hayes said the quality yarding of cattle offered through Friday's sale had piqued the interest of many re-stockers and feedlotters.

"It was a very good quality yarding of cattle," he said.

"Number one steers made 648 cents, which would be a record for the Nebo saleyards."

The Michelmore family from Fort Cooper, Nebo, were those high achieving vendors and offered the largest outfit of cattle, with a yarding of 278 number 0 and number 1 Santa cross steers, and 81 Santa cross number 0 and number 1 heifers.

Their number 0 steers topped at 516c/kg selling for $2054 per head, while the the number 1 steers sold for 648c/kg to return $1760 per head.

The heifers sold for a top of 506c/kg to return $1912 per head

Other vendors in Friday's sale included Amaroo Partnership, Nebo, Olderfleet, Mt Coolon, A Halliday, Mt Coolon, Matt Kime, Nebo, Ian Goode, Nebo, Schatkowski and MacDonald, Sarina, Muggera, Nebo, Image Pastoral, Bowen, and Suttor Creek, Glenden.

Steers weighing under 250kg averaged 606.3c/kg, while those from 250kg to 320kg averaged 614.6c/kg. Animals within the 320kg to 400kg range made 515.9c/kg, while the 401kg to 500kg sold to average 476.5c/kg and those over 500kg averaged of 452.7c/kg.

Cows in the sale weighing under 400kg returned an average of 306c/kg, while those weighing between 400kg to 520kg made 326.7c/kg, with slaughter weight cows selling to average 322.4c/kg.

Heifers weighing under 250kg at Nebo averaged 453.3c/kg, while those in the 250kg to 300kg weight range averaged 449.6c/kg. Animals between 300kg to 400kg made 471.3c/kg and the 400kg to 550kg animals sold to average 380c/kg.

Bulls under 450kg sold to average 462.5c/kg, while those animals between 450kg to 600kg made 414.2c/kg and anything over 600kg returned an average of 321.2c/kg.

Cow and calf units returned an average of $1791 per unit.

  • Selling agents: SBB/GDL, Hayes & Co.

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