Angus weaner steers sell for 632c to return $1622/hd at Blackall

Angus weaner steers sell for 632c to return $1622/hd at Blackall


Numbers lifted to 2050 in Blackall this week.


Numbers lifted in Blackall this week with combined agents yarding a total of 2050.

There was an overall improvement in quality across the board and average prices throughout the yearlings generally improved to match. Grown cattle to processors were easier in places compared to previous weeks.

Weaner steers topped at 632.2c, trade weight feeder steers averaged close to 550c with heavy feeder steers selling to 486c.

Lightweight weaner heifers topped at 550c to average 469c. Heifers to feed for the domestic market reached a high of 484c. Bullocks averaged 381c topping at 405c, a good run of grown heifers sold to 382c.

Heavy cows to processors sold for a top of 366c with heavy PTIC cows selling for 369c. Medium weight cows averaged 324c. Bulls were in very large numbers with most of the heavier end to slaughter selling for 276-320c, store condition bulls to feed sold for 315-370c. Cows and calves made to $2800/unit.

Bailey Properties, Paradise Downs, Blackall, sold Ultrablack bullocks for 405c weighing 631kg for $2558/hd. DG and GH East, Breedon Station, Longreach, sold heavy Charolais cows for 366c weighing 661kg bringing $2423/hd. Wendy Buntine, Strathfinella, Longreach, sold Brahman cross lightweight steers for 626c weighing 188kg, $1179/hd.

JG and DR Nichols, Bendemeer, Winton, sold Angus/Angus weaner steers for 632c weighing 256kg to return $1622/hd. Parkgate Cattle Co, Parkgate, Barcaldine, sold Murray Grey weaner bulls for 598c at 195kg, with the heifer portion selling to 528c.

Dalkeith Pastoral Co, Dalkeith, Longreach, sold Droughtmaster and Braford cross steers weighing 223kg for 608c to bring $1360/hd. BF BIrchley and RC Birchley, Gartmore, Tambo, sold Braford bullocks for 370.2c weighing 627kg to return $2323/hd. Esalex Pty Ltd, Langreach, Longreach, sold Angus cross heifers for 550.2c weighing 212kg to return $1169/hd.

GT and LM Hartwig, Ercildoune, Tambo, sold Charolais cross cow for 352.2c weighing 567kg to return $1998/hd and also sold cows and calves for $2800. Manfred Pastoral, Manfred Downs, Julia Creek, sold Santa heifers for 500.2c weighing 307kg to return $1536/hd. RJ and DC Quinn, Hickleton, Longreach, sold Santa bullocks for 372.2c weighing 665kg to return $2475/hd and also sold Droughtmaster steers for 612.2c weighing 239kg to return $1463/hd.

Ross and Son, Vacy, Yaraka, sold Charolais cross steers for 556.2c weighing 310kg to return $1727/hd. KS and TL Whiting, Aramac, sold Charbray cross steers for 602.2c weighing 217kg to return $1307/hd. Brisbane Valley Holdings, Malakoff Downs, Hughenden, sold Brahman steers to a top of 468c weighing 376kg to return $1762/hd.

A and B Hick, Antrim, Hughenden, sold Brahman cows to a top of 330c weighing 600kg to return $1989/hd. They also sold fat heifers to a top of 375c weighing 595kg to return $2231/hd. The same vendor had cattle off agistment at Ivanhoe, Tambo, with the steers topping at 600c weighing 197kg to return $1185/hd.

TVF Pastoral, Evora, Blackall, sold Angus bulls to a top of 318c weighing 930kg to return $2959/hd. Poligolet Holdings, Jubilee Park, Barcaldine, sold a Wagyu bull for 356.2c weighing 455kg returning $1620.71. AR and DE McCoy, Rainscourt, Richmond, sold Murray Grey cross heifers for 550c averaging 201.9kg returning $1110.31/hd.

Ewen Plains Grazing, Ewen Plains, Prairie, sold Santa Gertrudis cross cows for 352.2c averaging 536.3kg returning $1888.90/hd. LL and SD Bode, Vergemont, Longreach, sold Charolais cross mickeys for 532.c averaging 252.5kg returning $1343.81/hd. AK Shandley and MJ Walsh, Kynuna, sold Droughtmaster steers for 486.2c weighing 401kg returning $1952/hd.

Z Hall, Cloncurry, sold Droughtmaster steers for 486.2c weighing 375kg for a return of $1823/hd. Taree Grazing, Taree, Aramac, sold Droughtmaster EU heifers for 382c weighing 565kg for a return of $2158/hd. They also sold Droughtmaster EU cows for 346.2c weighing 597kg returning $2069/hd. They also sold Droughtmaster bulls for 300.2c weighing 865kg for a return of $2596/hd.

Gipsy Plains Cattle Co, Rocklea, Barcaldine, sold Brahman heifers for 414.2c weighing 215kg for a return of $890/hd. CC and CJ Malone, Braeside, Julia Creek, sold Droughtmaster bulls for 320c weighing 690kg for a return of $2208/hd.


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