Charters Towers man wins big on Keno

Charters Towers man wins $250,000 on Keno


The winning man explained the prize would help his family buy their first home.


A Charters Towers man has won a $250,000 Keno prize on the weekend.

The North Queenslander matched 20 numbers on his Keno Classic 40 Spot on Saturday while out for a family dinner.

"It was absolutely a spur of the moment thing," he said.

"I remembered a family member won a bit on a 40 Spot Keno ticket years ago. So I said to my partner, 'c'mon, let's give it a go'. We sat down and just went cross, cross, cross with the pencil.

"I didn't see the draw myself, but one of the family ran out to me and said, 'you'd better come inside. I think you've won $250,000'. I was like, 'what?'.

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The man explained the prize would help his family buy their first home.

The winning entry was purchased at Stuart Hotel Motel and manager Karen Dennis said it was their first big Keno win.

"The atmosphere was electric with our winner celebrating with everyone," she said.

"Word has spread quickly among our regular patrons, and everyone's excited to see who can do it next."

Queenslanders enjoyed more than 18.59 million Keno wins totalling more than $264.42 million at pubs and clubs across the state in 2020.

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