Brahman cross weaner steers top at 638c at Gracemere

Brahman cross weaner steers top at 638c at Gracemere


There was an increase in restocker activity at Gracemere.


CQLX Gracemere agents had an increased yarding of 3659 head last week, comprising 1802 steers, 1208 heifers, 399 cows and 233 bulls. Cattle came from the usual draw area between Collinsville and Miriam Vale and west to Bauhinia Downs.

Quality was good overall, as was condition, with only a few plain conditioned coastal cattle on offer. Competition was strong from the usual feeders and processors plus an increase in restocker activity.

Slaughter steers sold to 432c, average 401c, steers 400-500kg made 482c, average 434c, steers 300-400kg reached 598c, average 472c, steers 200-300kg made 638c, average 551c and steers under 200kg sold to 638c, average 569c.

Slaughter cows sold to 420c, average 317c, cows 400-450kg made 320c, average 302c, cows 320-400kg reached 306c, average 294c, and cows under 320kg made 300c, average 232c.

Heavy heifers sold to 422c, average 394, heifers 300-400kg made 494c, average 424c, heifers 200-300kg reached 538c, average 457c, and heifers under 200kg made 540c, average 491c.

Cows and calves sold to $2600/unit, average $2102/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 370c, average 349c, bulls 450-600kg reached 574c, average 424c and bulls under 450kg sold to 586c, average 502c.

JP Coughlan, Calliope, sold 111 Brahman cross weaner steers to top at 638c to average 210kg to return $1295/hd. P and D Smith, Duaringa, sold a pen of No 0 and 1 Charbray cross steers for 490c to weigh 381kg to return $1869/hd. IL Farmer, Thangool, sold Brangus cross steers for 397c to weigh 628kg to return $2495/hd.

JJ and SK Maguire, Dingo, sold Brangus steers for 472c to weigh 453kg to return $2140/hd. Warwick Park Pastoral, Middlemount, sold 101 bullocks to top at 472c to average 512kg to return $2143/hd. K and C Randell, Gogango, sold Brahman steers for 432c weighing 530kg to return $2293/hd. Citi Farms, Dingo, sold Brahman steers for 612c weighing 248kg to return $1521/hd.

JF and CA Ellrott, Collinsville, sold No.9 and 0 Brahman cross steers for 442c, weighing 356kg to return $1575/hd. G and R Ellrott, Collinsville, sold No.9 and 0 Brahman steers to average 423c, weighing average 411kg to return an average $1743/hd. L Dickson, Goovigen, sold Charbray cows for 338c weighing 681kg to return $2303/hd.

DA and CG Sivyer, Marlborough, sold Brahman cows for 329c, weighing 590kg to return $1942/hd. Two Mile Collinsville, sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers to top at 512c to average 269kg to return $1291/hd. J and SJ Schneider, Yaamba, sold Brangus heifers for 538c weighing 214kg to return $1152/hd.

Woorabinda Pastoral, Bauhinia, sold a run of 210 Brahman/Droughtmaster cross heifers to average 451c, weighing 257kg to return an average of $1157/hd. AC and JC Neale and JR and BE Tarry, Biloela, sold No.1 Charbray heifers for 518c, weighing 253kg to return $1311/hd. CJ and DE Huntly, Ridgelands, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2500/unit. David and Kay Franks, Milman, sold Brangus cows and calves for $2600/unit.


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