Your levy, your choice

Your levy, your choice


There will be a poll to determine what rate the compulsory levy is set at.


With all the talk of industry restructure and the lack of subsequent action out of dairy plan, many farmers have had enough of consultation. After a busy day most of us don't seem to have the time or energy to engage particularly if we don't believe we are going to be listened to. So, guess what, that is exactly what I'm asking you to do.

As a member of LPAC (the Dairy Levy Poll Advisory committee) I need your help in order to help you. LPAC has recommended and announced that there will be a poll to determine what rate the compulsory levy is set at.

While LPAC will set the options you as the levy payer have a very important role. Yes, you will get to vote, but firstly to put your views forward to LPAC as to what options you would like to see on the ballot. Broadly speaking there are three ways to go. The levy could be increased, decreased, or stay the same.

But with so many industry bodies doing so many different things you may ask what tangible benefit do I see from the dairy levy today? Well, the levy funds the RDE activities of Dairy Australia, your local RDPs (in Qld that's Subtropical Dairy) and technical advice for industry and ADF.

I'm not telling you which way to go but am asking you to consider the following questions as I will myself. Do you get a return on the funds invested with your levy money? Is there a benefit to increase the rate and increase the RDE and associated services? Are you already paying enough? Would a decreased levy allow you to invest more on farm or through private consultants?

And most importantly you must engage by contacting LPAC to get the options you want on the ballot. Visit

Remember it is your levy, your choice.


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