Weaner steers reach 556c, average 504c at Nebo

Weaner steers reach 556c, average 504c at Nebo


There were 650 cattle offered at Nebo on Friday.


Combined agents at Nebo Saleyards saw a slightly larger yarding of 650 head on Friday, comprising 104 steers, 411 heifers, 100 cows, 21 cows and calves and 14 bulls.

The good quality yarding attracted buyers from local areas plus central and southern regions. A quality run of heifers sold well to various buyers with a large percentage going to southern feedlots.

Steers over 500kg sold to 367c, average 367c, steers 400-500kg made 446c, average 385c, steers 320-400kg reached 428c, average 428c, steers 250-320kg made 518c, average 478c and steers under 250kg sold to 556c, average 504c.

Cows over 520kg made 319c, average 311c, cows 400-520kg reached 320c, average 300c, while cows under 400kg sold to 212c, average 212c.

Heifers 450-550kg made 400c, average 383c, heifers 400-450kg sold to 402c, average 385c, heifers 300-400kg made 516c, average 431c, heifers 250-300kg reached 456c, average 431c, and heifers under 250kg made 448c, average 441c.

Cows and calves sold to $2000/unit, average $1920/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 312c, average 302c, and bulls under 450kg sold to 448c, average 427c.

Tralee Pastoral, Glendon, sold Brahman cross cows for 315c, weighing 535 to return $1686/hd. Tolesworth Hay & Grazing, Nebo, sold Brahman cows for 319c to average 563kg to return $1797/hd. Margaret Maddern, Nebo, sold Brangus cross weaner steers for 508c weighing 244kg to return $1240/hd.

Graham Ward, Mirani, sold Grey Brahman No.1 steers for 524c weighing 237kg to return $1243/hd. They also sold No.0 steers which made $1774/hd. Gordon Hall, Ilbilbie, sold No.1 Droughtmaster cross steers for 555c weighing 235kg to return $1311/hd.

Barry Finn, Mirani, sold No.1 Droughtmaster steers for 518c weighing 270kg to return $1399/hd. Suttor Creek Pastoral, Glendon, sold No.9 Brahman heifers for 402c weighing 408kg to return $1640/hd. Wallace Cattle Co, Nebo, sold Brahman heifers for 400c to average 451kg to return $1807/hd.

Wentworth Cattle Co, Nebo, sold a run of 324 Wagyu cross heifers to top at 516c returning $1652/hd, with an average of 428c weighing 344kg to return $1478/hd. Ashley Fry, Pinnacle, sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for 426c weighing 271kg to return $1157/hd. Tolesworth Hay & Grazing, Nebo, sold Brangus bulls for 312c to average 820kg to return $2560/hd.


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