Cows break saleyard record, reaching 306c at Nebo

Cows break saleyard record, reaching 306c at Nebo


There was a larger yarding of 1226 head at Nebo on Friday.


Combined agents at Nebo Saleyards saw a larger yarding of 1226 head on Friday comprising 630 steers, 376 heifers, 145 cows and 42 cows and calves.

Cattle were drawn from all the local areas; the market was fully firm to slightly dearer on the last sale with new buyers operating.

Steers over 500kg sold to 350c, average 343c, steers 400-500kg made 440c, average 414c, steers 320-400kg reached 484c, average 468c, steers 250-320kg made 502c, average 482c and steers under 250kg sold to 512c, average 469c.

Cows over 520kg made 306c, average 295c, cows 400-520kg reached 295c, average 278c, while cows under 400kg sold to 260c, average 254c.

Heifers 400-450kg sold to 356c, average 356c, heifers 300-400kg made 388c, average 370c, heifers 250-300kg reached 432c, average 409c, and heifers under 250kg made 432c, average 406c.

Cows and calves sold to $2250/unit, average $2094/unit.

Bulls over 600kg made 318c, average 269c, bulls 450-600kg reached 320c, average 320c, and bulls under 450kg sold to 430c, average 350c.

Fort Cooper Pty Ltd, Nebo, sold cows breaking a Nebo record, reaching 306c and feeder steers topping at 432c. Fort Cooper also offered 29 Santa meatworks cows, which sold to the top of 306c to return $2246/hd. They also offered 336 number 0 Santa steers topping at 502c, with the line averaging 326kg to return $1571/hd.

Keith Perry, Nebo, sold Droughtmaster cows to top at 301c weighing 538kg to return $1621/hd. B and A Black, Nebo, sold 98 feeder steers topping at 432c, with the line averaging 420c to return $1836/hd. Kaye Black, sold Charbray feeder steers for 440c weighing 425kg to return $1870/hd.

Rapisarda Enterprises, Ayr, sold 95 Brahman No. 0 heifers, for 430c weighing 253kg to return $1089/hd. Muggera, Nebo, sold 111 heifers to average 400c weighing at 260kg to return $1036/hd. Margret Maddern, Nebo, sold Brangus weaner steers for 500c weighing 242kg to return $1208/hd. The heifers sold for 422c weighing 210kg to return $890/hd.


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