Light steers top at 648c/kg at Gracemere

Light steers top at 648c/kg at Gracemere

Monty Wilson, Elders, with 70 No 0 Brahman heifers which topped at 395c/kg at Gracemere.

Monty Wilson, Elders, with 70 No 0 Brahman heifers which topped at 395c/kg at Gracemere.


There was a decreased yarding of 2286 head at CQLX on Wednesday.


A SMALLER yarding at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange prime and store cattle sale on Wednesday didn't dampen buyers' spirits with high bids for quality cattle.

More than 2280 went under the hammer from as far west as Clermont. Brad Mulvihill, TopX, Gracemere, said better pens were rewarded with the high rates of the previous week.

"Slaughter cattle went well at about five cents dearer, but the real highlight were feeder heifers. Due to the lack of numbers, a lot of females are going into domestic feedlots and they are willing to pay for them," he said.

Feeder steers were up to 10c dearer on previous weeks with a top price of 437c/kg, averaging between 409 to 413c/kg. The better presented grown steers sold to 354c/kg, and averaged 353c/kg, to a strong panel of processors.

Yearling steers under 280kg averaged 476c to 490c/kg to restockers. Medium and heavy pens averaged from 405 to 428c/kg, with a top of 467c/kg. Yearling heifers eased due to a decrease in quality and averaged from 410c to 426c/kg.

T and J Holland, Wycarbah, sold a good quality pen of Droughtmaster steers for 416c/kg to weigh 430kg and return $1793 a head. A pen of Droughtmaster cross steers from the Faine family, Gogango, were snapped up at 432c/kg to weigh 356kg and return $1541/head.

A line of young Santa Euro cross steers, averaging 235kg from Spelta Grazing, Gogango, topped the market at 640c/kg to return $1508 each.

Highlights from weaner steers offering included a line from Brangus from D and T Muscat, Dows Creek, being knocked down for 626c/kg, weighing 256kg to return $1607/hd.

G and J Vella and family, Marlborough, sold a run of 198 steers to top 466.2c/kg, averaging 333kg and returning $1555/hd. Brangus steers weighing 264kg from T and K Burns, Cawarral, sold for 592c/kg and returned $1563 each.

Mr Mulvihill said the ongoing dry conditions in Central Queensland meant a lot of the local cattle had been sold beyond the regional area.

"While there is plenty of grass in the paddocks, there is a lot of empty dams," he said.

"Local cattle are still being offered, but not a lot are staying in the area. Feedlots and processors have been active."

Cow prices started below the previous week but recovered for the better presented lines and eventually averaged well above for the heavy, finished lines.

Calves topped at 655c/kg for the best pens of steers with vealers in the 200 to 280kg selling at a top of 642c/kg to average 568c/kg. Offerings under 200kg reached 651c/kg. Vealer heifers sold to a top of 505c/kg top to restockers, averaging 473c/kg.

Heavy, four score cows improved to average 299c/kg with a 310c/kg top. Heavy bulls averaged 310c/kg with sales to 325c/kg. Cows and calves sold from $1970 to $2420/unit.

A highlight from the female offering was a pen of eight Brahman heifers from John Murphy, weighing 360kg and selling for 390c/kg, up almost 20 cents from the previous week.

R and J Jacobsen, Kunwarara, sold Brangus cows for 314c/kg, weighing 418kg to return $1315/hd, while Droughtmaster cross cows from DR Matthews, Kalapa, sold for 290c/kg, weighing 645kg and returning $1870/hd.

Wotonga Grazing, Nebo, sold Droughtmaster cross cows for 293c/kg, weighing 586kg and returning $1720/hd.

CM Clifton and P and M Alexander, Nankin, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 564c, weighing 293kg to return $1657/hd. Lance Howkins, Dululu, sold Brahman cross cows for 300.2c weighing 591.8kg to return $1776/hd.

Roderick Stone, Jambin, sold Charbray heifers for 434c weighing 334kg to return $1444/hd. Lenera Farm, Koumola, sold a pen of Brangus heifers for 498c weighing 196kg to return $976/hd. Degulla Pastoral Co, Alpha, sold Brahman heifers to top at 392c weighing 380kg to return $1494/hd. JE and RM Olive, Marlborough, sold No.9 Brahman heifers for 384c, weighing 381kg to return $1464/hd.

ML and MJ Miller, Duaringa, sold Droughtmaster heifers for 344c weighing 544kg to return $1874/hd. D and T Muscat, Dows Creek, sold Brangus weaner heifers for 504c weighing 209kg to return $1053/hd. Barlow Park, Kinka Beach, sold Brangus heifers for 498c weighing 212kg to return $1056/hd.

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo, sold No.0 Brangus heifers for 440c, weighing 316kg to return $1393/hd. D and K McEachran, Yarwun, sold Brangus cows and calves for $2420. McCartney family, Marlborough, sold Grey Brahman bulls to average 309c, weighing 806kg to return $2493/hd.


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