Weaner steers hit 574c at Blackall

Weaner steers hit 574c at Blackall


Prices experienced a dearer trend at Blackall.


Despite no sale for two weeks, good falls of rain locally reduced supply by 504 head to 1016 at Blackall. Local cattle were scarce with most of the yarding drawn from far western and the northern supply areas.

Buyer attendance was good with all the regular operators in the market, and active. Prices responded to the shorter supply and several classes experienced a dearer trend of 15c to 20c/kg.

The yarding was drawn from Winton, Isisford, Torrens Creek, Tambo, Blackall, Pentland, Quilpie, McKinlay, Surat, Julia Creek and Cloncurry

Bulls under 450kg sold to 288c, average 288c, and bulls over 450kg made 308c, average 295c.

Cows 300-400kg sold to 259c, average 254c, cows 400-500kg made 288c, average 280c, and cows over 500kg reached 290c, to average 280c.

Heifers under 220kg made 450c, average 417c, heifers 220-280kg sold to 460c, averaging 386c, heifers 280-350kg reached 428c, average 387c, heifers 350-450kg made 400c, average 325c, and heifers over 450kg sold to 344c, averaging 325c.

Steers under 220kg sold to 574c, average 537c, steers 220-280kg sold to 574c, averaging 521c, steers 280-350kg made 540c, average 465c, steers 350-400kg reached 484c, average 411c, steers 400-550kg made 418c, average 368c, and steers over 550kg sold to 358c, average 352c.

Mickeys made to 496c, to average 413c.

Cows and calves made to $3025/unit, averaging $2556.94/unit.

Keddstock Pty Ltd Surat sold Charolais cows to top the sale at 290c averaging 673kg to return $1950/hd. They also topped the sale with their cows and calves $3025/hd. Brian Caine, Glencoe, Nullamanna, sold Angus heifers topping at 400c averaging 375kg to return $1500/hd. Ryan Bros, Callow, Blackall, sold Angus steers topping at 516.2c averaging 260kg to return $1342/hd.

Navarra Grazing Co, Navarra, Isisford, sold good quality Droughtmaster/ Santa cross steers for 484.2c at 350kg to return $1694/hd. JSF Nominees Pty Ltd, Goolma, Winton, sold Droughtmaster cows for 280c at 567kg to return $1589/hd and also sold good quality steers for 540.2c at 279kg to return $1505/hd. Peter Hall, Oakley, Torrens Creek, sold Brahman steers to a top of 544c weighing 217 kg to return $1180/hd.

TM and KJ Joseland, Eltham, Isisford, sold Brangus cross bullocks to a top of 358cg weighing 616kg to return $2206/hd. They also sold a Hereford cross steer to be donated to Lucas Scobie's rehabilitation account that made 450c weighing 395 kg to return $1778/hd. Sunbury Pastoral, Lumley, Isisford, sold Charolais cross cows and calves to a top of $2540/unit. They also sold Charolais cross feeder steers to a top of 418c weighing 447kg to return $1871/hd.

MJ and AJ Bauer, Greendale, Tambo, sold Brahman cows to a top of 280c weighing 492kg to return $1378/hd. GW, R and MJ Bauer, Greendale, Tambo, sold Charbray bulls to a top of 308c weighing 727kg to return $2242/hd. KN and DA Smith, Oakvale, Pentland, sold Charbray cross steers for 472.2c averaging 231.5kg returning $1093.14/hd.

Trinidad Pastoral Co, Trinidad, Quilpie, sold Shorthorn heifers for 450c averaging 177.3kg returning $797.73/hd. WF and ME Allison, Broadlands, McKinlay, sold Charbray steers for 416.2c weighing 430kg to return $1791.39/hd and Brangus heifers at a top of 344.2c weighing 515kg to return $1772/hd. Burnett Holdings, Lara Downs, Julia Creek, sold Brahman steers for 546c weighing 204kg to return $1114/hd.

GW and DJ Ballard, Bendemeer, Winton, sold Charolais steers for for 346c/kg weighing 532kg to return $1843/hd. Longford Partnership, Longford, Cloncurry, sold Brahman cows for 288c weighing 487.6kg to return $1405/hd. R and J Fleming, Broadlands, McKinlay, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2800/unit.


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