Weaner heifers make 494c, average 443c at Blackall

Weaner heifers make 494c, average 443c at Blackall


There was a yarding of 1140 at Blackall on Thursday.


Blackall combined agents yarded a total of 1140 head of cattle at our weekly fat and store sale. Cattle were sourced from Blackall, Isisford, Longreach, Aramac, Tambo, Muttaburra, Jericho, Alpha, Boulia, Barcaldine.

Bulls over 450kg made 310c, average 283c. Cows under 300kg sold to 140c, average 140c, cows 300-400kg sold to 200c, average 196c, cows 400-500kg made 276c, average 262c, and cows over 500kg reached 285c, to average 277c.

Heifers under 220kg made 494c, average 443c, heifers 220-280kg sold to 404c, averaging 378c, heifers 280-350kg reached 338c, average 308c, heifers 350-450kg made 382c, average 332c, and heifers over 450kg sold to 330c, averaging 319c.

Steers under 220kg sold to 450c, average 369c, steers 220-280kg sold to 445c, averaging 424c, steers 280-350kg made 474c, average 431c, steers 350-400kg reached 445c, average 412c, steers 400-550kg made 424c, average 349c, and steers over 550kg sold to 350c, average 345c.

Mickeys made to 542c, to average 458c.

Cows and calves made to $2225/unit, averaging $1905/unit.

Pan East Grazing, Blackall, sold a Santa Gertrudis bull for 295.2c weighing 830kg returning $2450.16. They also sold an Angus cross heifer for 329.2c weighing 260kg returning $855.92. SA Grazing, Hopewell Park, Torrens Park, sold Brahman steers for 445.2c averaging 361kg returning $1607.17/hd.

Braemar Investments, Blackall, sold Droughtmaster cross heifers for 330.2c averaging 446.4kg returning $1474.11/hd. Fortuna Pastoral, Fortuna, Aramac, sold Brahman cows to a top of 273c weighing 500kg to return $1363/hd. Edkins Campbell, Bimbah, Longreach, sold Murray Grey cross bullocks to a top of 332c weighing 635kg to return $2109/hd.

Sunbury Pastoral Company, Lumley, Isisford, sold Santa cross steers to a top of 474c weighing 327kg to return $1553/hd. Romulus Pastoral Trust, Romulus, Blackall, sold heavy Santa cows to a top of 278.2c at 599kg to return $1666/hd and also sold cows and calves for $2225/hd.

Sanderson Family Trust, Westbourne, Tambo, sold heavy cows for 280.2c at 591kg to return $1655/hd. CJ and MJ Arnold, Gelebele, Muttabuura, sold Brahman cross steers for 428c at 347kg to return $1485/hd. ERD and CL Mackay, Rosedale, Jericho, sold a good draft of Brahman steers for a top of 430.2c at 313kg to return $1346/hd.

LM and LJ Fielder, Oakvale, Aramac, sold Droughtmaster cross steers topping at 341.2c weighing 532kg to return $1816. They also sold Charolais cross heifers topped at 355.2c weighing 409kg to return $1453. AJ and RM Coyne, Cavendish, Alpha, sold Charolais steers for 339.2c weighing 590kg to return $2001.28/hd and cows and calves for $2225/unit.

Gordon Grazing Co, El Kantara, Longreach, sold Droughtmaster steers for 400c weighing 450kg to return $1800/hd. Ben Avery, Allandale, Blackall, sold a Hereford steer for 424.2c weighing 405kg to return $1718.

WG Britton, Sandila, Boulia, sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 412c weighing 397.2kg to return $1637/hd and heifers for 352.2c weighing 429kg to return $1511/hd. KEC and JA Gordon, Campsie, Longreach, sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 412c weighing 287kg to return $1185/hd and heifers for 404.2c weighing 249kg to return $1006.46/hd.

Bailey Properties, Paradise Downs, Blackall, sold Santa Gertrudis cows for 280c weighing 579.4kg to return $1622/hd. JC and CE Easton, Prospect, Barcaldine, sold Brahman cows for 285c weighing 575kg to return $1638/hd.


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