Brahman cross steers make 348c/$1344 at Charters Towers

Brahman cross steers make 348c/$1344 at Charters Towers


There were 2670 cattle yarded at Charters Towers prime sale on Wednesday.


Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 2670 head on Wednesday, consisting of 2518 prime cattle and 152 store cattle.

The prime cattle consisted of 645 bullocks, 370 heifers, 1235 cows and 268 bulls. Store cattle consisted of 47 steers, 56 heifers, 40x40 cows and calves.

Prime cattle comprised very mixed lines in quality and condition in the bullock line while cows making up the bulk of the yarding were slightly less in quality than last Wednesday's sale.

The yarding was drawn from Burketown, Croydon, Forsayth, Einasleigh, Ravenshoe, Mareeba, Mt Garnet, Murray Upper, Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Julia creek, McKinlay, Richmond, Hughenden, Collinsville, local and coastal areas.

Prime quotes:

Bullocks were quoted 3-5c easier, heifers were 3-5c easier, cows were 9-11c easier, and bulls were 10-20c easier compared to last week's rates.

Steers and bullocks under 500kg sold to 348c and averaged 297c, and those over 500kg topped at 345c to average 320c. Heifers under 440kg sold to 326c and averaged 294c, while heifers over 440kg topped at 324c, averaging 309c. Cows under 400kg made 274c and averaged 234c, while cows over 400kg reached 286c, averaging 267c. Bulls under 450kg made 310c and averaged 285c, while bulls over 450kg reached 320c to average 292c.

Bullocks topped at 340.2c for 22 Brahman bullocks sold on a/c Matthews cattle Pty Ltd, Valpre, Charters Towers, that weighed 563kg to return $1915/hd.

A pen of 14 Brahman cross steers a/c Pedracini Grazing Trust, Scartwater, Collinsville, sold for 348.2c to weigh 386kg and returned $1344/hd.

Best priced trade heifers were presented on a/c WS and GD West, Overdale, Charters Towers that sold for 326.2c and weighed 435kg to return $1418/hd.

The top pen of cows was sold by SM and KA Belgrove, Black River, for 286.2c, weighing 650kg to return $1860/hd.

Nine bulls sold on a/c LIJA Investments, Wade, Greenvale, topped at 320c and weighed 720kg, to return $2304/hd.

Store quotes:

Store cattle were insufficient to quote. 14 x 16 cows and calves sold on a/c DN and JM Collyer, Rosevale, Hughenden, returned $1420/unit.


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