Charolais cross weaner steers reach 466c/$1093 at Emerald

Charolais cross weaner steers reach 466c/$1093 at Emerald


There was great competition in the bidding from both restockers and processor buyers at Emerald on Tuesday.


Emerald agents experienced a record yarding at their special weaner and feeder sale on Tuesday, with 6344 head on offer.

Buyers had a large variety of cattle to compete for, with a large range of local lines present along with lines coming in from as far as Charters Towers.

The sale was very well received with a large panel of buyers and spectators in attendance, with great competition in the bidding from both restockers and processor buyers.

Heavy steers from 400-500kg sold to a top of 381c to average 363c, feeder weight steers 350-400kg sold to 383c to average 366c, 280-350kg steers topped at 462c to average 381c, 200-280kg weaner steers sold to 466c to average 423c, with weaner steers under 200kg selling to a top of 456c to average 426c. Heavy heifers over 400kg sold to at top of 348c to average 325c, feeder heifers from 350-400kg sold to 349c to average 329c, 280-350kg heifers sold to 374c for an average of 329c, weaner heifers from 200-280kg topped at 394c to average 354c, while weaner heifers under 200kg sold to a top of 387c to average 355c.

The Whitehead family, Satelite, Springsure, sold Charolais cross weaner steers to 466c and weighed 234kg to return $1093, while their heifer portion made to 387c weighing 226kg or $876. Lyn Sypher, West Park, Emerald, sold Droughtmaster steers to 400c that weighed 288kg and return $1155.

Gavin and Julie Vallis, JoJo, Alpha, sold Braford cross steers to 378c weighing 405kg or $1532. Ian Mylrea, Coorabelle, Springsure, consigned Santa steers for 420c weighing 226kg to return $953.

The Bettridge family, Mt Wilga, Alpha, sold Droughtmaster steers to 375c weighing 375kg to return $1407. Brian and Chyanne Louden, Karinda, Springsure, sold Charbray cross heifers making to 352c weighing 338kg to return $1190.

Store and prime sale

There was a relatively small yarding for Thursday's prime and store sale due to the weaner and feeder sale on Tuesday, with 936 head on offer.

Store cattle of any quality were too few and far between to reliably quote, however fat cattle across the yard gained ground on previous weeks with plenty of competition from processors.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg were too few to quote, bullocks 500-550kg sold to 357c for an average of 340c, heavy steers from 400-500kg made to 376c to average 362c, while feeder steers from 350-400kg reached 376c to average 370c.

Heavy cows over 520kg topped at 322c to average 288c, while cows 450-520kg reached 304c to average 273c. Heavy bulls over 600kg sold to a top of 310c to average 283c, and a line of Santa cross cows and calves made $1560.

The Daniels family, Theresa Downs, Capella, sold Droughtmaster cross cows to 266c weighing 543kg to return $1445. Mark and Donna Kemp, Yungaba, Capella, sold Brahman cross cows to 283c weighing 549kg for a $1553 return.

The Burns family, Kalora, Capella, consigned Droughtmaster cows for 297c weighing 660kg or $1961, while their bullock portion sold to 361c weighing 496kg to return $1972.


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