New transmission launched

Case IH Maxxum gets new transmission


Case IH have launched its new transmission in the Maxxum

NEW OPTION: The Maxxum Multicontroller series is now available with the ActiveDrive 8 powershift transmission.

NEW OPTION: The Maxxum Multicontroller series is now available with the ActiveDrive 8 powershift transmission.

Maxxum Multicontroller

Maxxum Multicontroller

The Case IH Maxxum has scored first dibs on the company's newest transmission.

Introduced as an option in the Maxxum Multicontroller series, the ActiveDrive 8 is an all new three-range, eight-speed powershift transmission featuring a range of features generally associated with the brands CVT offering.

Case IH Australia product manager for mid-horsepower and compact tractors Seamus McCarthy said the new option had proven popular overseas and he believed it would do well in the Australian market.

"At its heart we're talking about enhanced efficiency and ease of use," he said.

"This makes the tractor so easy to drive and operate at its optimum level.

"With ActiveDrive 8, the transmission automatically selects the right gear, not just the next gear, when the operator requests more or less ground speed.

"This is a new technology that offers customers a step up from the powershift option, and at the same time gives them a taste of our state-of-the-art CVT transmission option."

Available in five models, ranging from 85 to 116 kilowatts (125 to 145 horsepower) of rated engine horsepower, the Maxxum Multicontroler range are pitched toward customers looking for comfort, ease-of-use and efficiency.

Mr McCarthy said the Active Drive 8 transmission had three ranges, totalling 24 available speeds in both forwards and reverse.

"The double-clutch technology results in less torque interruption," he said.

"While pedal clutching is not necessary for range changes, making this transmission more suited for power-hungry tasks where momentum is important."

Mr McCarthy said making the Active Drive 8 available gave the option of a top-end transmission with an extensive feature list, which until now had only been available to CVT customers.

"It offers the usability, efficiency and direct-drive feel seen in powershift transmissions," he said.

Mr McCarthy said enhanced features such as brake-to-clutch, auto modes and smooth shift enhanced the experience.

"The optional auto-clutch allows the operator to stop at the press of the brake pedal, and then resume the previous speed," he said.

""With these features - and more - this mid-sized tractor makes a perfect fit for livestock producers that expect a little more out of their tractor, row-crop farmers and mixed farming enterprises looking for something that can be utilised for a wide range of their on-farm machinery needs."

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