Weaner steers top at 412c, av 387c at Emerald

Weaner steers top at 412c, av 387c at Emerald


Prices were stronger across the board at Emerald on Thursday.


Emerald agents experienced a slightly smaller yarding on Thursday, with just over 1200 head in the sale.

Following the trend of most Queensland selling centres in recent weeks, prices were stronger across the board with plenty of buyer competition driving improved results.

Heavy steers in the 400-500kg range topped at 368c to average 356c, feeder weight steers from 350-400kg sold to 366c to average 354c, 280-350kg steers sold to a top of 370c to average 351c, while weaner steers from 200-280kg topped at 412c to average 387c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg sold to a top of 366c to average 333c, feeder weight heifers 350-400kg topped at 359c to average 317c, 280-350kg heifers sold to 355c to average 317c, while 200-280kg weaner heifers sold to a top of 354c to average 336c.

Heavy cows over 520kg topped at 287c to average 272c, cows from 450-520 kg sold to 295c to average 267c, while heavy bulls over 600kg topped at 320c to average 304c.


Rick and Thelma Powell, Warrigal Station, Mt Coolan, sold Droughtmaster steers to 366c weighing 401kg to return $1470. Charles and Carmel McKinlay, Bloodwood, Yamala, sold Brahman cows for 278c to weigh 602kg for a return of $1675.

Ken and Evelyn O'Brien, Myrtle Park, Comet, sold Droughtmaster heifers to 338c to weigh 455kg, returning $1539. The Flohr family, Wotonga, Moranbah, sold Santa heifers to 349c weighing 382kg to return $1530.

Mike and Vicki Donovan, Coolibah, Capella, consigned Charolais steers to 400c to weigh 276kg, returning $1102/head.


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