Weaner steers sell to 397c, av 334c at Emerald

Weaner steers sell to 397c, av 334c at Emerald


In a yarding of 2400 head at Emerald on Thursday, most categories lost ground.


Emerald agents yarded 2400 head on Thursday, a decline on last week's numbers. Quality was on par with to previous weeks, but with recent effects of the pandemic most categories lost ground in line with most Queensland selling centres.

Few heavy bullocks were on offer while steers 400-500kg topped at 305c to average 288c, steers 350-400kg reached 313c to average 299c, with steers 280-350kg making to 365c to average 310c, weaner weight steers made to 397c to average 334c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg topped at 308c to average 290c, while heifers 350-400kg topped at 300c and averaged 284c, heifers 280-350kg made to 324c to average 260c, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 333c to average 274c.

Heavy cows quoted well with the best to 266c to average 251c, 450-520kg cows made to 262c to average 250c. A mixed selection of cows and calves on offer with the best too $990/unit.


Scott and Julie-Anne Brown, Maywin Park, Capella, sold Brahman cross cows to 258c to weigh 514kg or $1328. Bill and Estelle Daniels, Stonybrook, Springsure, consigned Santa cows to 248c and weigh 598kg to return $1485.

Geoff and Phillipa Hurrey, Crillee, Clermont, sold Euro cross steers to 335c to weigh 313kg or $1050. Andrew and Marleene Slack, Mayview, Emerald, sold Brahman cross heifers to 310c to weigh 250kg or $777.

Gavin and Julie Vallis, JoJo, Alpha, sold Simmental cross cows to 341c to weigh 546kg and returned $1318. The Coz family, Mt Surprise, Alpha, sold Euro heifers to 300c to weigh 361kg or $1084.


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