Weaner steers top at 400c, av 359c at Emerald

Weaner steers top at 400c, av 359c at Emerald


The market was dearer for all categories at Emerald on Thursday.


Emerald agents yarding 1400 head on Thursday, with the market following the general trend of other selling centres to be dearer between 5 to 40c for all categories.

All types were well sought after with weaner steers hitting the 400c mark and heavy cows to 323c.

Steers over 550kg topped at 351c and averaged 347c, steers 500-550kg topped at 348c to average 343c, 400-500kg steers reached 368c to average 354c, steers 350-400kg topped at 383c to average 365c, with steers 380-350kg topping at 381c to average 374c, while steers in the weaner weight ranges topped at 400c to average 359c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg topped at 349c to average 337c, heifers 350-400kg topped at 350c to average 341c, while the heifers 280-350kg reached 372c and averaged 341c, while the weaner heifers made to 364c to average 333c.

Slaughter cows over 520kg reached 323c to average 317c, with 450-520kg cows making to 319c to average 304c. No cows and calves were presented.

Charlie and Margaret Prince, Janibee, Capella, sold Droughtmaster steers to 363c to weigh 460kg and return $1670. The Hayden family, Janibee Valley, Capella, sold Brangus steers to 374c to weigh 391kg or $1463.

The Prewett family, Glendariwell, Emerald, sold Brangus steers making to 400c to weigh 271kg and returned at $1085. Charles and Carmel Mckinlay, Bloodwood, Yamala, sold Charbray cows topping at 323c to weigh 578kg or $1868.

Wayne and Ingrid York, Emerald, sold Droughtmaster heifers to 358c and weighed 248kg to return $891.


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