Santa steers sell to a top of 305c/$1021 at Blackall

Santa steers sell to a top of 305c/$1021 at Blackall


There were 3682 cattle offered at Blackall's November weaner and prime sale.


Blackall agents yarded 3682 cattle for the November weaner and prime sale. Cattle were drawn from Blackall, Aramac, Barcaldine, Tambo, Jericho, Barcaldine, Longreach, Yaraka Winton and Hughenden.

Bulls under 450kg sold to 206.2c, average 206.2c, and bulls over 450kg made 234.2c, average 205c.

Cows 300-400kg sold to 188.2c, average 137.7c,cows 400-500kg made 225.2c, average 172.5c, andcows over 500kg reached 221.2c, to average 193.1c.

Feeder heifers sold to 244.2c, average 217.7c, while feeder steers reached 300c. Average 282.6c.

Heifers under 220kg made 265.2c, average 214.3c, heifers 220-280kg sold to 265.2c, averaging 237.3c, heifers 280-350kg reached 265.2c, average 232.3c, heifers 350-450kg made 247.2c, average 223c, and heifers over 450kg sold to 235c, averaging 213.5c.

Steers under 220kg sold to 286.2c, average 268.2c, steers 220-280kg sold to 288.2c, averaging 279c, steers 280-350kg made 305c, average 281.1c, steers 350-400kg reached 298.2c, average 274.5c, steers 400-550kg made 298.2c, average 265.9c, and steers over 550kg sold to 256.2c, average 254.7c.

Mickeys made to 256.2c, to average 240.1c. Cows and calves made to $1025/unit, averaging $780/unit.


Rosemount Grazing Co, Rosemount, Barcaldine, sold good quality Charolais cross feeder steers for 296.2c at 400kg to return $1183/hd. KS and TL Whiting, Albionvale, Aramac, sold good quality Brahman feeder steers for 292.2c at 360kg to return $1047/hd.

Ross and Sons, Vacy, Yaraka sold VGQ Santa/Charolais steers for 285.2c at 296kg to return $844/hd. AC and K Day, Jaccondoll, Barcaldine, sold Charolais cross feeder heifers for 244.2c at 390kg to return $952/hd. DF Arnold and LA Anderson, Spring Creek, Blackall, sold Brahman feeder heifers for 220.2c at 340kg to return $747/hd.

Benalla Stud Grazing, Monavale, Hughenden, sold Braford heifers for 240.2c at 300kg to return $718/hd. Ben Avery, Allandale, Blackall, sold feeder steers to 284.2 weighing 430kg to return 1222.06/hd.

Wellwater Pastoral Co, Wellwater, Tambo, sold feeder steers to 288.2c weighing 460kg returning 1325.72/hd, as well as a run of store heifers to top at 259.2c and average 248.2c weighing 223.6kg to return 556.48/hd.

EW and CEN Entriken, Sesbania, Winton, sold Droughtmaster cross steers and heifers with the steers topping at 288.2c to average 286.3c weighing 268.2kg returning 768.01 and the heifers sold to 240.2c to average 231.5c weighing 3116kg returning 732.59.

AS and HA Howard, Locharnoch, Jericho, sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers topping at 245c weighing 214kg with their weaner steers topping at 286c.

Ewen Plains Grazing sold bullocks to a top of 251c and also sold cows and calves for $780/unit. Bloomfield Pastoral Co, Bloomfield, Blackall, sold Droughtmaster steers to a top of 298c weighing 425kg to return $1269/hd. The run of steers averaged 294c weighing 331kg to return $976/hd.

Lloyd Werai Grazing, Bloomfield, Blackall, sold Droughtmaster cross steers to a top of 301c weighing 346kg to return $1043/hd. Killarney Park Grazing, Killarney Park, Tambo, sold Santa steers to a top of 305c weighing 335kg to return $1021/hd.

Mellish Park Grazing, Neemah Park, Longreach, sold Brahman steers to a top of 269c weighing 399kg to return $1075/hd. P and DA Pidgeon, Glenroy, Stonehenge, sold Santa steers to a top of 298c weighing 288kg to return $861/hd.

Ryrie Grazing, Mt Pleasant, Tambo, sold Charolais cross heifers to a top of 250c weighing 284kg to return $712/hd. Alice Downs Pty Ltd, Alice Downs, Blackall, sold Santa Gertrudis cows for 221.2c weighing 524.5kg to return $1160/hd.


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