Masses being swept up in sinister agenda

View From the Paddock: Masses being swept up in sinister agenda

Bryce Camm, Camm Agricultural Group, Wonga Plains feedlot.

Bryce Camm, Camm Agricultural Group, Wonga Plains feedlot.


We have allowed sensible public debate to descend to a place where world leaders are being lectured in vitriol by uneducated, entitled youth, our View From the Paddock columnist Bryce Camm says.


I promised myself I would not add to the hyperbole or hysteria of the climate debate that has consumed the globe over the past two weeks, or maybe I'm afraid of the tirade that will come my way for expressing an opposing view.

We have allowed sensible public debate to descend to a point where world leaders are being lectured in vitriol by uneducated, entitled youth.

There is one statement that I totally agree with from our young Swedish friend, "this is all wrong".

Now before the twitterati descend with titles such as "denier", let me be clear.

Yes the climate is changing; it always has and for eternity will continue to do so. Droughts, floods, fires, cyclones and locust plagues are a reality of our life.

We should all pull our weight in caring for the environment but not at the cost of real opportunity.

While this speak of ecological collapse, mass extension, death, destruction and cataclysmic doomsday would make Steven Spielberg overcome with anticipation of a blockbuster, what should shake us to the core more than the prospect of a 1.5 degree rise in temperature in 30 years' time is the even more rapid increase in emotive language surrounding the climate.

In fact, climate language is changing faster than the climate, an escalation of fearmongering climate adjectives that would put any IPCC CO2 hockey stick chart to shame.

We once spoke of pollution, ozone and warming that moved to "change" in the 2000s but today we speak of crisis, heating emergency and catastrophe.

There is one word that frightens me even more that has entered the climate debate of late, "inequity". Therein lies the left's real agenda, raising its ugly head.

In my mind if it walks like and quacks like a duck it probably is socialism.

Climate crusaders desire is to limit, restrict and deny certain people (chosen by them) opportunity.

Carbon taxes and sanctions are a modern day take from the rich and give to the poor. Now you know why Robin Hood always wore a green tunic!

Through panic and fear the left wants us to pass nation crippling, defeatist legislation that restricts opportunity of the individual.

I am a firm believer in the quest for eternal economic growth. To call this a fairytale is only a luxury those from a wealthy state living under the hospitality of your upper middle class parents could afford.

The current administration of the United Nations should hang its head in shame for the farcical spectacle it delivered last week.

Led by a failed socialist, Portuguese native Antonio Guterres, the UN denied the democratic right of any country not committed to net zero emissions or billions of dollars in funding for the Green Climate Fund to speak at all.

Global agendas and the concept of one global government are in strong play in these climate wars, and if you think that is the path to nirvana ask the Brits how the EU worked out for them.

Developing nations see this as their great ability to take a large swipe at the west. Take a look at China, the world's largest and fastest growing emitter, berating Australia on our emissions.

It is beyond ludicrous that the same China, the world's second largest economy, while buying influence amongst indefensible Pacific Island nations, claims developing nation rights and subsidies that allows it to ignore the same rules and limits it seeks to impose on others.

The concept of the useful idiot outlines the masses being swept up in a movement not fully understood when other more sinister agendas are at play.

A few hundred thousand school students marching for climate catastrophe is a strong exhibit of this fabricated Big Oil v The People fight.

It frightens me that we are planning to deny our future generations on the excuse of climate change.

The concept that we should limit air travel, one of the greatest human accomplishments, is farcical.

If we were serious about changing the climate we would be harnessing our collective human ambition and ingenuity to deliver the solution not pontificating that we all switch off our Apple device, crawl back into the cave and transcribe the failings of capitalism on the wall in vegan crayon.

On the home front there is much you can do to help the climate debate post installing your highly subsided solar panel and unpacking your reusable shopping bag.

Call out crazed climate speak for what it is.

In response to a radical spieling that Australia is not doing our fair share, politely point out that our installation of renewables is ten times that of the world average and three times faster per capita to the next contender, Germany.

All without a carbon tax or clear energy policy.

Call out the hypocrisy for what it is, like Victorian Labor Minister for Water, Lisa Neville, proclaiming that no more dams will be constructed in the state due to climate change.

Stop people demonising our food producers as climate vandals when typically they provide the great community service of land management and sustenance of life.

Finally, if all else fails, when someone spits across the dinner table at you with raised hand, "the science is settled", laugh, raise a glass and drink to the useful idiots.

- Bryce Camm, Camm Agricultural Group, Wonga Plains feedlot

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