Light Angus heifers hit 290c on AuctionsPlus

Light Angus heifers hit 290c on AuctionsPlus


There were 2030 cattle from Queensland offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers from Queensland fell by just under 1500 head to see 2030 cattle offered on AuctionsPlus. Light restocker heifers from Queensland under 280kg sold from 212c to 290c, averaging 237c, down 9c on the previous week. The top priced mob was a line of 10 to 12-month-old 219kg Angus heifers from Goondiwindi. A line of 271kg Angus/Santa Cross heifers from Goondiwindi sold to 243c.

Heifers over 280kg from Queensland were topped by a line of 311kg 10 to 12-month-old Ultrablack/Blonde Aquitane cross heifers selling for 246c.

Steers under 280kg from Queensland held firm averaging 280c, down 1c, selling from 244c to 300c. The top priced line from Millmerran was a mob 260kg Angus steers. Shorthorn steers 236kg from Goondiwindi sold for 282c.

Steers over 280kg offered from Queensland sold from 292c to 326c, to average 311c. 307kg Angus steers from Talwood sold for 316c, while 308kg Angus steers from Moonie sold for 326c.


Sheep number numbers from Queensland dropped by 2500 head online last week to see 7020 sheep and lambs offered. A large offering of Merino wethers and wether lambs from Queensland saw prices range from $94.50 to $160, to average $130.

Merino ewes from Queensland averaged $169 and sold from $89 to $260, with this top priced lot of six to seven-year-old 60kg station mated ewes also from Wyandra.

NSW and southern processors were again active looking to fill orders from the online sales last week, bidding on lines ranging from western Queensland, down to the Riverina, NSW. Purchases included a line of 650, 59kg export wethers from Longreach which returned 580c dw, a line of 72kg wethers from Wyandra returned 540c dw, a mob of 660 54kg wethers from Stamford returned 599c dw. All prices include skin value.

A large offering of Merino/Dohne ewes from Bollon saw a top price of $215 for three-year-old 50kg joined breeders, while seven to 10-month-old White Dorper joined ewe lambs from Cunnamulla- sold for $142.

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