Angus bulls fit the bill for Cairo

Six Angus bulls acquired by the Hodgkinson family, Cairo, Clermont


Ryan and Chloe Hodgkinson went shopping for new Angus bulls at Ag-Grow 2019 and went home happy after buying six for $3500 apiece.

Ryan and Chloe Hodgkinson with children Denbi and Duke.

Ryan and Chloe Hodgkinson with children Denbi and Duke.

RYAN and Chloe Hodgkinson, Cairo, Clermont, fulfilled a plan when they bought six Angus bulls for $21,000 at an average of $3500 apiece at the Ag-Grow sale on June 21.

The Hodgkinsons have a line Droughtmaster heifers at home awaiting, as Ryan put it, some new bulls and the draft of Wallawong Premium Beef, Gunnedah, NSW, met their stringent criteria.

The first of their purchases was the 21 month-old Wallawong Nachos N58 (P), a large-framed son of Abbott Emperor and Abbott Robin with impressive credentials. Weighing 825kgs and an EMA of 110, he boasted the right combination of softness and masculinity on great legs.

Next was the 795kgs Wallawong Newsboy N10 (P) boasting a scrotal measurement of 40cms and with semen motility of 90 per cent.

The 22 month-old Wallawong Nonstop N36 (P), weighing 790kgs and with an EMA of 108 and an IMF percentage of 6.5 was their third acquisition.

Wallawong Newton N38 (P), by Pathfinder Genesis from the BT Right Time cow Abbott PC Widespread D35 also found its way to the Hodgkinson shopping list as did Lot 10, the 790kg Wallawong Network N16 (P).

They completed their buying with Wallawong Newsman N14 (P), which had a scrotal measurement of 43cm, semen motility of 90 percent and an EMA of 114.

Mr Hodgkinson said arout 200 heifers would be joined when the colder weather dissipated, probably at the end of July or into early August.

"We use Angus bulls so these were fit for purpose and we have a mob of heifers at home that need new bulls," Mr Hodgkinson said. "We buy bulls every year and it wasn't a matter of replacing some older stock. It was more about getting bulls to fulfill those needs.

"We will take them right through. We spey all the Angus heifers, fatten them out and send them to the meatworks.

"We came here expecting the market to be tough and it was. We were looking for a nice square bull. Length is always a good thing in Angus."

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