Simmental cross steers make 316.2c at Blackall

Simmental cross steers make 316.2c at Blackall


There was a good quality offering and the market was dearer for all descriptions at Blackall on Thursday.


Blackall agents yarded 1835 head for the first sale of this month. Cattle were drawn from Jericho, Barcaldine, Muttaburra, Isisford, Mt Isa, Hughenden and the local area. Blackall results generally were equivalent to southern centres with the extra advantage of being closer to the green feed in the north. A good quality offering was on hand. Buyer support was provided by restockers from Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Winton, Richmond and Longreach districts plus support from Roma region. The market was buoyant with very little painting out. Overall the market was dearer for all descriptions in comparison to the last sale.

Steers over 550kg sold to 288.2c, average 284.2c, steers 400-550kg made 290.2c, average 266.1c, steers 350-400kg reached 290.2c, average 278c, steers 280-350kg made 298.2c, average 278.3c, steers 220-280kg sold to 298.2c, averaging 281.2c, and steers under 220kg sold to 316.2c, average 305.7c. Mickeys made to 286.2c, to average 262.5c. Cows and calves made to $952/unit.

Heifers over 450kg sold to 248.2c, averaging 226.8c, heifers 350-450kg made 262.2c, average 228.2c, heifers 280-350kg reached 252.2c, average 223.3c, heifers 220-280kg sold to 246.2c, averaging 222.5c, and heifers under 220kg made 264.2c, average 225.4c.

Bulls over 450kg made 254.2c, average 245.8c, and bulls under 450kg sold to 296.2c, average 286.9c.

Cows 300-400kg sold to 222.2c, average 194.9c, cows 400-500kg made 226.2c, average 207c, and cows over 500kg reached 226.2c, to average 222.6c.


MJ and SE Cameron, Romulus, Blackall sold good quality Santa/ Santa cross steers for 290.2c at 408kg to return $1190/hd, also selling heifers for 248.2c at 365kg to return $907/hd.

Kerry and Patricia Bailey, Margo, Isisford sold very good crossbred heavy feeder steers for 278.2c at 464kg to return $1292/hd.

Adams and Son, Darracourt, Blackall sold Simmental cross steers for 316.2c at 209kg to return $661/hd, also selling heifers for 264.2c at 163kg to return $432/hd.

CJ and LC Hannay, Overton, Aramac sold Santa/Droughtmaster cross steers for 298.2c at 294kg to return $876/hd.

BG and JM O'Del, Toarbee, Jericho sold Charolais cross steers for 286.2c at 307kg to return $880/hd.

Daniel Beatty, Muttaburra sold Charolais steers at a top of 292.2c/kg weighing 272kg to return $796/hd.

J and LJ Bennett, Trent, Barcaldine sold quality Angus cross steers 284c/kg weighing 295kg - $838/hd. Also sold good quality Charolais cross heifers 230c/kg returning $700/head weighing 303kg.

Matthew McClymont, Truro, Hughenden sold quality Brahman cross steers for 250c averaging 401.7kg returning a head value of $1004.17. Matthew also sold quality Brahman heifers for 215.2c with an average weight of 422.9kg and returning $909.99/hd.

Hacon Family Trust and Kallala Trading Trust, Kallala, Mt Isa sold good quality red Brahman heifers weighing 245kg for 210c/kg returning $515/head.

Thistlebank Grazing, Thistlebank, Aramac sold very good Braford cross heifers for 252c at 320kg to return $806/hd.

BG Macauliffe Family, Marmboo, Longreach sold quality Angus heifers for 240.2c averaging 230.9kg to return $554.64/hd. The Macauliffe family also sold Angus steers for 304.2c with an average weight of 213.7kg to return a head value of $649.97.

Larboat, Toobrack, Longreach sold good Brahman/Santa cross cows for 226.2c at 638kg to return $1443/hd.

RD Hay Pastoral Trust, Jericho sold Santa Gertrudis heifers topping at 262c weighing 432kg to average $1134/hd and cows at a 221c/kg weighing 560kg to return 1239.6/hd.

Jessie Atkinson, Crawkerne, Muttaburra, sold Angus bulls for 248c weighing 576kg returning $1430/head.

Sir William Allen, Forest Park, Blackall sold Santa Gertrudis bulls at 254.2c with an average weight of 666.3kg to return $1693.61.

C and J McClelland, Jericho sold cows and calves for $940/unit.


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