NFF has plans for a new govt

Trade, vegetation management and labour a priority for National Farmers' Federation

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The National Farmers' Federation chief executive Tony Mahar hopes a new federal government responds to their needs.

The National Farmers' Federation chief executive Tony Mahar hopes a new federal government responds to their needs.


An incoming federal government will be tasked with various jobs but the NFF hopes the decision makers pay heed to their desires


TRADE agreements, vegetation management and labour are some key aspects the National Farmers' Federation want front and centre with decision makers of an incoming government.

According to NFF chief executive Tony Mahar the agricultural sector is strategically placed to expand but needs the right policy settings and AgForce wholeheartedly agrees.

Mr Mahar said matters such as trade agreements between Australia and Indonesia needed to be ratified as soon as possible, which would then give farmers some clarity.

"Farmers export two-thirds of what they produce so trade agreements are critical," Mr Mahar said.

"We need access to markets and transport infrastructure to move products at a competitive price as well as biosecurity protections."

Functional vegetation management laws were vital if the sector was to grow as insiders predict and a new federal government must also introduce agriculture specific work visas to assist farmers facing potential labour shortages into the future, he said.

Digital connectivity could unlock new opportunities and a positive stance on taxation could help the sector manage risk and even attract new investment.

AgForce president Georgie Somerset believes the industry's annual input to the Queensland economy could more than double to $30 billion over the next decade.

"Our industry contributes $14 billion to the Queensland economy each year and underpins 305,000 jobs," Ms Somerset said.

"AgForce believes Queensland has the potential to get to $30 billion a year."

The LNP's incumbent MP for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the coalition was doing a lot of the heavy lifting to support the agricultural sector.

"I have put billions of dollars of infrastructure into this area. Things like the Rookwood Weir, which is a major water infrastructure project, will be a real boost and will bring in 2000 more jobs," she said.

The ALP's Russell Robertson said the ring road project Labor launched in 2009 would be of advantage to agriculture.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate Wade Rothery hopes attention could be paid to the Bradfield Scheme to enhance water supply and drought proof parched country as well as power generation.

The Greens Paul Bambrick, an environmental worker, took a more broader view and hopes a new government examines all ideas before progressing with any particular plan.

George Birkbeck, of Katter's Australia Party, has called for a heavy focus on improving rural transport infrastructure and a crackdown on electricity providers.

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