Two dead on North’s roads

Two fatalities in North Queensland

Police will be out in force this holiday period.

Police will be out in force this holiday period.


Two women have been killed in horrific crashes on North Queensland roads.


TWO women have been killed in separate traffic crashes in North Queensland today.

The 55-year-old woman died after her vehicle collided with a freight-train south of Townsville at Fredericksfield near Home Hill.

It is understood Queensland Rail was undertaking light maintenance at the crossing on Fredericksfield Road when the crash happened about 10.30am.

The woman, who was travelling alone, died at the scene.

The railway remains closed as investigations continue.

Earlier, an 18-year-old woman was killed after her car and a truck collided on the Bruce Highway at Feluga.

Police said a car was attempting to cross the Bruce Highway when it collided with a truck that was travelling north on the Bruce Highway about 9am.

The driver of the car, an 18-year-old Feluga woman, died at the scene, while her 53-year-old female passenger was taken to Tully Hospital for treatment.

The 57-year-old male truck driver was also taken to hospital for treatment.

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating the cause of both crashes.

The fatalities come just on day after the Queensland Police Service launched their annual Christmas road safety campaign.

Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing Command Mike Keating was joined by other emergency services shed light on the traumatic scenes emergency services workers see on our roads.

“In 2018, we have lost 230 lives on Queensland roads and as far as we’re concerned, that is 229 lives too many,” Mr Keating said on Wednesday.

“Alongside this, we have seen far too many traffic crashes requiring hospitalisation on our roads, all of which impact our Queensland communities and our emergency services workers.

“This Christmas, we just want to see everyone make it home safely and enjoy the time spent with loved ones. We don’t want to meet you on the worst day of your life, this Christmas period.”

The road safety campaign will run from Friday, December 14, through until February, with police out in force for both localised and state-wide traffic operations.

In particular, police will be targeting the Fatal Five – speeding, drink and drug driving, distraction, fatigue and seat belts.

“We know the Fatal Five are consistently prevalent in road fatalities and we will be working hard to ensure we target these factors,” Mr Keating said.

Police Minister Mark Ryan, said the summer holiday period is without doubt the busiest time on our roads as Queenslanders were out and about, celebrating the festive season.

“The State Government is absolutely determined to reduce the devastation and trauma that is seen on our roads, particularly around this busy period,” Mr Ryan said.

“If we could have one Christmas wish, it would be for zero fatalities on Queensland roads during the holiday period.”


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