Wagyu future breeders make 430c/$962 on AuctionsPlus

Wagyu future breeders make 430c/$962 on AuctionsPlus


There were 1348 cattle and 3463 sheep offered on AuctionsPlus this week.


Cattle listings fell this week with a total listing of 1348 head offered, with clearance also dropping to 39 per cent. Interstate buying was strong with majority of the lots being purchased by NSW buyers. This week also saw 169 head travelling to Queensland from NSW, including 94 Angus weaned steers offered by Cameron Grazing, Willow Tree, NSW travelling 843km to Moonie, Qld. These steers are 246kg, 13 – 14 months, Booroomooka blood and sold for 308c or $815.

Numbers were boosted by 228 head offered from Brytarbi Pty Ltd,  Beaudesert. Four lines of crossbred Wagyu steers and heifers and a further line of purebred Wagyu heifers were offered in the weaner and yearling sale.

The backgrounder F1 steers weigh 279kg, are 7 -12 months and sold for 330c or $920. The second line of feeder F1 steers weigh 336kg, are 12 – 14 months and sold for 340c or $1143. The heifer portion was split into two lines of backgrounder and future breeder heifers. The backgrounder F1 heifers are 226kg, 10-14 months, and sold for 290c or $654. The F1 future breeders are 279kgs, 10 – 14 months and sold for 290c or $809. 

The same vendor offered a further 40 purebred Wagyu future breeders which are 7 – 10 months, weigh 224kg and sold for 430c or $962. Four out of the five lots will travel to Breeza, NSW and the feeder steers were purchased by a buyer in Woodstock, NSW. 

Another highlight saw 36 Santa Gertrudis future breeder heifers from Injune make a 932km trip to Mudgee, NSW. These heifers are 353kg, 12 – 16 months and sold for 283c or $1000.

Sheep listings remained steady totalling 3463 head, down 121 head. This week saw clearance jump to 94pc. Sheep also attracted some interstate purchasing with two lots headed to NSW and Vic.

EMW & JM Thomson, The Gums, offered 380 woolgrower Merino wether lambs, which sold for $90. These lambs are 33kg, Sept – Oct ’17 drop, Haddon Rig blood, have a ½” skin on their backs and will travel to Warwick. The same vendor offered a further 335 woolgrower Merino wethers, selling for $90. These are mixed aged, averaged 49kg, Haddon Rig blood, have a ¾” skin and will also make the journey to Warwick.

I H Finalyson, Goondiwindi, offered 293 Mundoorie Park blood ewes which sold for $146.50. These ewes are 12 – 14 months, averaged 46kgs, have a 2 ½” skin and were purchased by a buyer in Wagga Wagga, NSW.   

Two lines of 540 Poll Dorset/Border Leicester mixed sex suckers were offered by Carson Family Trust, Dirranbandi, which sold for $87. These suckers are 23kg, Aug/Sep ’18 drop, are vendor bred and sold to a Goondiwindi buyer. 

Two lines of Dorpers were offered in the National Lamb Sale on a/c Bough Creek Grazing, Cunnamulla. The two lines consisted of a ewe portion and a store wether lamb portion.  The ewe portion are 22kg, Jun/Jul ’18 drop, sold for $90 and will travel to Mildura, Vic. The store wether lamb portion are the same drop, 23kg, sold for $79 and will travel to Goondiwindi. 

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