Santa Gertrudis cross feeder steers make 308.2c at Blackall

Santa Gertrudis cross feeder steers make 308.2c at Blackall


Feeder cattle attracted strong competition at Blackall on Thursday, while good quality store steers and heifers were in demand.


Blackall Combined Agents yarded 2685 head at the weaner and store sale last week, with the market following the trends evident in other saleyards. Feeder cattle continued to attract strong competition, while good quality store steers and heifers were in demand. Buyers were more selective with the lighter and poorer quality store steers and heifers attracting a marked price correction of between 15 and 20 cents from a fortnight ago. Cattle were drawn from Blackall, Tambo and Barcaldine along with consignments of cattle from Jericho, Winton, Hughenden, Muttaburra, Aramac, Isisford and Longreach.

Steers over 550kg sold to  274c, average 263c, steers 400-550kg made 308c, average 299c, steers 350-400kg reached  308.2c, average 292c, steers 280-350kg made 306c, average 272c, steers 220-280kg sold to 290c, averaging 267c,  and steers under 220kg sold to 294c, average 252c. Mickeys made to 256c, to average 209c.

Cows and calves made to $980/unit.

Heifers over 450kg sold to 218c, averaging 218c, heifers 350-450kg made 259c, average 249c, heifers 280-350kg reached 267c, average 223c, heifers 220-280kg sold to 246c, averaging 215c, and heifers under 220kg made 236c, average 202c.

Bulls over 450kg made 266c, average 210c, and bulls under 450kg sold to 278c, average 250c.

Cows 300-400kg sold to 248c, average 144c, cows 400-500kg made 224c, average 193c, and cows over 500kg reached  232c, to average 216c.


Bloomfield Pastoral Company, Bloomfield, Blackall sold Droughtmaster steers to a top of 262c weighing 244kg to return $642/head.  Dale Davison, Glendale, Blackall sold Santa cross steers to a top of 265c weighing 240kg to return $636/hd.

AW and JF Zischke, Brendallan, Aramac sold Brahman feeder heifers to a top of 218c weighing 355kg to return $774/hd.  WG and GL Seeney off agistment at Bonnie Doon, Blackall sold Brahman cross feeder heifers to a top of 259c weighing 381kg to return $1087/hd.  RJ Murphy and Everton Cattle Company, Everton, Aramac sold Santa bulls to a top of 241c weighing 765kg to return $1845/hd. They also sold Brahman cross cows to a top of 222c weighing 520kg to return $1155/hd.

Matt Easton, Prospect, Barcaldine sold Droughtmaster cows to a top of 215c weighing 457kg to return $984/hd.  Jeff Easton, Prospect, Barcaldine sold Droughtmaster steers to a top of 254c weighing 217kg to return $553/hd.

N and R Balderson, Balonne, Barcaldine sold Charolais cross cows and calves for $950/unit.  MJ and SE Cameron, Romulus, Blackall sold Santa Gertrudis cross feeder steers for 308.2c weighing 457kg to return $1408/hd.  The Hay family, Myross, Aramac sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 280.2c weighing 222kg returning $623/hd. They also sold Santa Gertrudis heifers for 246.2c weighing 268kg to return $661/hd.

GJ and JM Bambling, Glenavon, Aramac sold Brahman cross steers for 278.2c weighing 211kg to return $587/hd.  AC and K Day, Jaccondoll, Barcaldine sold Charolais cross steers for 308.2c weighing 423kg to return $1332/hd.  Dorothy Mathews, Kilarney, Ilfracombe sold Santa Gertrudis feeder steers for 305.c weighing 404kg for return $1234/hd.

JF and SJ Smith, Cotswold Hills, Winton sold Charolais cross steers for 272.2c weighing 248kg to return $675/hd. They also sold Charolais cross heifers for 250c weighing 367.5kg to return $919/hd.  Five O’clock Somewhere Grazing, Elabe, Hughenden sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 274.2c weighing 253kg to return $693/hd. They also sold Droughtmaster cross heifers for 230.2c to weigh 220kg returning $505/hd.

Kensington Grazing Co, Kensington Downs, Longreach sold Brahman cross steers for 290.2c weighing 339kg to return $984/hd.  Granby Grazing Co, Granby, Blackall sold Hereford cross steers for 270.2c weighing 287kg to return $776/hd. They also sold Hereford cross cows for 226.2c weighing 559kg to return $1265/hd.

GI Brahman Stud Pty Ltd, Thagoona, Muttaburra sold Brahman cows for 230.2c weighing 522kg to return $1201/hd.

BF and RC Birchley, Gartmore, Tambo sold Braford steers for 274.2c weighing 593kg to return $1626/hd.  The Britton family, Sulva, and Sandilla, Winton sold quality Hereford steers for 290.2c at 309.8kg to return $898.99/hd.  Mandy Curran, Talleyrand, Longreach sold Santa steers for 296.2c at 325.6kg to return $964.39 /hd.

Maculiffe family, Marmboo, Longreach sold good Droughtmaster cross steers for $287.2c at 452.5 to return $905/hd.  RTK &SP Smith, Depot Glen, Stonehenge sold Brangus steers for 256.2c at 310.0 to return $794.22/hd. D and P Wells, Lisgool, Blackall sold big Brahman cows for 215.2c at 477kg to return $1027.58/hd.  RS and AM Windsor, Innerdale, Blackall sold quality Santa heifers for 259.2c at 385.4kg to return $999/hd.

ED and JL Atkinson, Lisburne, Blackall sold Droughtmaster heifers at 228c to return $747/hd and Angus steers at 305.2c to return $1124/hd.

Russell Pastoral Company, Champion, Blackall sold Angus cross cows at 220c to return an average $1085/hd.  AS and HA Howard, Locharnoch, Jericho sold Droughtmaster heifers at 247c to return an average $977.8/hd.

DG and GH East, Breedon, Longreach sold Charolais steers for 280.2c averaging 221.7kg to return $621.11/hd.  Lorne Grazing, Lorne, Blackall sold Simmental steers for 271.2c averaging 255.4kg to return $692.69c.

Chandler Pastoral Holdings, Kyneton, Barcaldine sold steers for 266.2c averaging 197.5kg to return $1040.66/hd.  Jessica Atkinson, Crewkerne, Muttaburra sold heifers for 218.2c averaging 450kg to return $981.90/hd.

Jessica Atkinson, Crewkerne, Muttaburra sold cows for 248.2c averaging 390.8kg to return $970.05/hd.

Chandler Pastoral Holding, Kyneton, Barcaldine sold bulls for 232.2c averaging 835kg to return $1938.87/hd.


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