Sugar symposium

Sugar symposium Ayr


A global sugar strategist spoke about issues affecting the industry at a forum in Ayr.

ABOUT 200 people attended Rabobank’s inaugural sugar symposium which was held in Ayr last Friday.


The timely forum focused on the cyclical and structural changes facing the sugar industry, which particular emphasis on the current price cycle and how growers could capitilise in the good times.

Rabobank’s global sugar strategist Andy Duff travelled from Brazil to address the growers, and spoke about the impact of government intervention on supply and demand fundamentals and the changes in global sugar consumption.

Mr Duff has spent the past two decades in Brazil and discussed how that country, as one of Australia’s competitors on the sugar export market, were adapting to try to mitigate the current low price environment and how to capitalise on opportunities when the market started to turn. 


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