Couple buys whole town for $550,000

You wanted a whole town to live in? Too late, couple snap it up

Allies Creek has been sold. A whole town for $550,000.

Allies Creek has been sold. A whole town for $550,000.


Allies Creek finally sold, lock, stock and barrels


After many months of negotiations a semi-retired couple has bought the entire central Queensland town of Allies Creek for $550,000. 

The new owners are Logan’s Karyn Peeters, 58, and husband Peter, 60, who plan to turn the town into a tourist mecca.

The Peeters want to set up a retro tourism base. Mr Peeters has a lot of automobile memorabilia and now has plenty of buildings – 16 houses - now to select to show them off.

He also wants to have a bar and get weddings happening in the Allies Creek church again. His daughter might be the first one married there.

The original price was $2.1 million, with the female owner selling after her husband died.

Allies Creek is near Monogorilby, about 400km north-west of Brisbane, and was up for sale by its owner Natali Williams. The real estate comes with a community hall, a dam full of fish and two industrial sheds.

It was put it on the market through Danielle Meyer Rural. The agent says the town has a future as a potential conference venue. 

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 Mrs Williams told The Land in June that no “specific offers have been made” despite the sale being publicised on national television stations and inquiries from overseas. “It seems like everyone is trying to get their money together or something,” Mrs Williams said. “We’ll see what happens.” Finally the Peeters got their money together.

The town was  a saw milling camp until 2008, with a state forest nearby. The camp was closed by the government after changes to forestry management.

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